Saturday, June 10, 2006

Three things...

1. So Niall and Rebecca are moving from St. John's to Montreal. I kind of heard that they might. I'm sorry I missed the party and the recovery breakfast at Ann's. She always makes the best recovery breakfasts. I am sorry to hear they're moving to Montreal (although it means they're only one plane flight away if we want to visit). But it does make the pool of friends living in St. John's that much smaller. And it wasn't that large to begin with at this point.

2. I got a reminder watching a pair of World Cup games today why I love this tournament so much. Yes, it's the chance to see some truly amazing football. And I adore the fans and deeply wish I could be there, dressed like a lunatic, chanting along. The guy from Trinidad and Tobago, in a red costume with his face painted and wearing a cape, making the sign of the cross in the last minutes of that game was particularly winning.

But mostly I love the commentary. The British guy calling the games is fantastic. Such a breath of air after ages of stale baseball, football and hockey commentary. "Well, that wasn't very well thought out." "Oh, what an absolutely brilliant ball!" and comments along those lines. It's so much more clever, passionate and occasionally very dry.

My favourite line from today? "And Trinidad and Tobago, who have had their dreams written off more times than the Mexican national debt...." See, that's brilliant. That alone is a reason to watch the games. I tried watching some of the Blue Jays game this afternoon, and just couldn't do it. Such a dull let down after a World Cup game. I imagine the Stanley Cup final this evening will be much the same.

3. I got James Blunt's last record after reading positively gushing reviews for it in the British press. However, after listening to it several times, I think it's about to go in the dumper. Cathy like it, though, so I'll load it onto her iPod before purging it.

I am relieved to see that the song "I'm Beautiful" is not only bugging the hell out of me, but one other as well. A voice missing too often from the pop culture landscape. A voice needed to mock the bafflingly popular crap pop music of today. Weird Al, save us!


His Nibs said...

Ahh, Weird Al. That iconic MTV satirist of my youth. Just downloaded his 'You're pitiful' from the website you linked. Lots of references there that will have geeks cringing.

SkylarKD said...

Did you hear that Blunt has been banned from some radio stations in the UK? Apparently he said in a radio interview (in response to a question about his songs being overplayed) that if people didn't want to listen to his music, they should just change the station.
Some radio stations didn't take too kindly to that! ;)

towniebastard said...

One more reason to despair over commerical radio. That and what the Dixie Chicks are currently going through in trying to promote their new record. Many stations are still refusing to play it because they not only made those comments about Bush, they had the nerve to take exception to death threats and abuse.

I rarely listen to commercial radio anymore. Can't say I miss it all that much.