Monday, June 19, 2006


Decided to take a day off blogging yesterday. Partly because I don't think anyone was on the Internet yesterday, judging by my site stats. The other reason was that my back was killing me. Somehow I managed to wrench it on Friday. And while it wasn't bothering me much on Friday, it managed to get keep getting worse as the weekend progressed. So by the time Saturday night came along I wasn't much in the mood to do anything. Sunday was about the same.

So this was an exceptionally lazy weekend, spent doing little more than lying on the couch with a heating pad on my back, playing Civ IV and watching a lot of sports. I think I saw five of the six World Cup games, the Stanley Cup final and the Basketball championships. The only things I didn't watch was baseball (I loathe inter-league play) and the U.S. Open because I have resigned myself to never understanding golf.

It should just be noted that Cathy has infinite patience. Not for dealing with me and the aching back. For putting up with that much sports.

The back still hurts this morning, but I'm still going to try and go to work with it. If it's still bad by lunch time, I think I'm going to break and go buy some muscle relaxants.

But just so this isn't all whining, I give you some marginally useful information this morning. CBC announced this new fall line-up last week. Ordinarily, not that big of a piece of news. Honestly, other than the show Intelligence, there isn't much I'll be going out of way to check out. Then again, these are the days when I watch CBC for news and current affairs programming and not drama and sitcoms.

What was interesting was that the 1-2 stories I read didn't make any mention of Hatching, Matching and Dispatching. So I figured it was dead. The CBC has a new person in charge of programming. You bring a new person into that position and they tend to want to put their on stamp on things. That means killing projects that didn't begin with them. HMD was one of those marginal projects with the CBC. I didn't hear any ratings numbers for the show, but I figure it didn't set the Canadian airwaves on fire.

But no, it appears I was wrong. The show is "back in development". Which is certainly better than its sister show (they both survived that voting stunt the CBC pulled a few years ago) Getting Along Famously, which is gone.

No word on when it's coming back and how big the episode order will be. But it lives for another day.


colette said...

C'mon Craig--golf is easy to understand. General Idea: Hit ball with stick into leetle hole a ridiculous distance away. Different sticks do different things. Improve your cursing vocabulary and ability to improvise excuses. Hitting ball off of (a) long grass, (b) longer grass, (c) general rocks and other shit and (d) sand is to be avoided as it screws up the hitting with sticks part. Hitting ball into trees is a Bad Idea.

Specifics: Hit ball with stick in general direction of hole. Curse. Make up excuse. Have swig of beverage of your choice. Walk or drive up to ball. Choose different stick. Think of excuse before you hit ball this time in order to have it ready. Smack ball again. Repeat until ball is in hole or you decide just drinking is a much better way of spending the afternoon. Try this 17 more times. Score? What's that?

Or if you're Phil Mickelson and Colin Montgomerie, play excellent amazing golf until you hit the last two holes of the competition when you think you've got the tournament in the bag and then forget that you're a professional and play like I've outlined above. (>sob<, Oh Phil, WTF were you thinking?)

See? Easy.

Owen's Mom said...

Um... you got a time machine up there? I ask because we watched game 6 here on Saturday. Perhaps you meant "finals"?

Of course, in case you weren't aware, pretty much everyone in the province has gone nuts and there are more beards running around town than I've ever seen before.

So tonight is the "final".

I'll probably be able to have a conversation with Hubby again that doesn't mention Hockey by sometime next week... depending on outcome. If the Oilers win - it could take months...

Also, due to scheduleing error, I've managed to avoid the office golf event again this year. Yippee for me.

I hate the game, usually end up before the third hole in the golf cart intermittently drinking and swearing, and refusing to play anymore.

towniebastard said...

This is what happens when I write and post something at 7:45 in the morning. Now, it's surprising I'm actually this coherent because I hate mornings and advocate lasting, lingering pain to morning people. But I have been able to write. However, it normally could stand another edit or two.

I don't understand the appeal of watching golf on TV. This from a guy who can watch hours of curling.

And OM, I should have said watching the finals. Obviously I know there is one game left.

As for getting some peace and a normal conversation with your husband, well, win or lose that's not happening for many months.

In fact, if they win I suspect Owen will grow up actually believing he can remember Game 7 because your hubby will have repeated the play by play to him so much.

colette said...

I hate the game, usually end up before the third hole in the golf cart intermittently drinking and swearing, and refusing to play anymore.

See, OM? You're a natural golfer. That's the way to do it. :^)

Just like curling, Craig, you get a better idea of what shots are going where, why they're being aimed in that direction and why they need to go there, when you watch golf on TV.

colette said...

You forgot to mention the new season of Doctor Who! Good heavens Craig--your geek credentials are slipping.

Mireille Sampson said...

I took the "not understanding golf" thing to mean not understanding why anyone would play or watch...which would also be my take on curling;)

However, Klimt has broken Picasso's record for most expensive painting at auction - I'm rather happy with that, being a fan of Klimt and not of Picasso. Ahhhh, art, where these sorts of big victories aren't really for the (dead) artist but for the collector who sold well.