Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ahhhhh! Liberals!

My blog is being over run with Liberals! They're everywhere! Jesus Christ, does anyone have a vaccine? A spray even? Some kind of zapper?

In all seriousness, though, that was a bizarre 24 hours. I've seen some weird spikes in my blog stats before. When Darren Barefoot linked to my series on pitching to entertainment writers (see the sidebar), my numbers shot up. When I discussed curling porn, my numbers (sadly) shot up. And when I was pissed off with MUN over Dr. Chandra back in February, my numbers spiked. Although to be honest, about a third of the page hits were coming from University Relations.

But then on Sunday night, Ed linked to an article about the press gallery I wrote last month. Which apparently also was posted on some blogrolling site that updates Liberal blogs. The next thing I know, my site stats triple in 24 hours. I'm covered in Liberals!

Actually, it's mildly depressing. Either the article was so amazing that Liberals everywhere felt compelled to swing by and take a look, or Ed just has some truly appalling traffic numbers on his blog. The kind that makes me weep with envy. I suspect the later.

Anyway, the crest seems to be over and the numbers are easing back down. Oh, and just for the record and for any lingering Liberals, I am not a Liberal. I hold not party affiliation and vote for whoever is making the most sense in an election combined with whether or not they've fielded a half-way competent candidate in my riding.

As I'm sure you can all appreciate that's a pretty rare confluence of events....


Liam O'Brien said...

If you want to make a Liberal run, you just ask them some questions like
these questions I asked Ed:

As for Parliamentary Press Gallery business, I think Tom Broadbeck of Winnepeg Sun makes some fair points in
this article.

There is absolutely nothing about the new system that in any way suggests that the PMO is favouring or punishing reporters. Most of the questions not asked these days were the result of boycotts.

There are pros and cons to both methods. But shouting-out scrums are not for everyone. As far as I'm concerned, being loud shouldn't be a prerequisite for having your questions asked/answered.

I think it's very telling that PPG immediately chose a boycott. Were they afraid the new approach might actually not be so bad?

Ed Hollett said...


I linked to your post since it seems to be one of the more succinct and well-written discussions of what has become a contentious issue.

Interesting that Liam found his way here, presumably to carry on a discussion from his own blog. Anyone following the link to the Winnipeg Sun column will find that it comes to a completely different conclusion than the one O'Brien reaches.

As a last point, I appreciate the thought I have awesome traffic. I doubt it. What seems to have caught attention was that the subject was timely and people are inetersted in it. I get those spikes too, but usually when I post something on John Cleese.

Go figure.

towniebastard said...

Ummm, Liam, I have to agree with Ed on that story. Yeah, the guy is saying there are problems with scrums where people bellow out the questions, but I think he's arguing that, on whole, the ordered list is way to far in the other direction.

It surprises me a little that you've taken this stand. Yes, you're a Conservative and this is a Conservative prime minister so you're going to side with him on many, but not all, issues.

But you were also a journalist for awhile there. And I find it hard that many journalists would support what Harper is doing. We're a far too suspicious and paranoid breed. Do you think that Barb would go for this sort of thing? And she's one of the best journalists I know.

I will also reiterate another point, one that I know is annoying in these sorts of discussions, but it makes it no less valid - if Paul Martin were trying to do this at the height of the Sponsorship Scandal, you would have howled blue murder. Because it is your leader, you view it differently.

No, this is a wrong decision by Harper. And honestly, he will buckle on this before the press gallery.

Oh, and the traffic weirdness continues, Ed. But now I'm getting stuff on the MUN advertising campaign. Guess I'm just having one of those weird weeks I get every couple of months.

Cove Blogger said...

Liam is everywhere.

Be afraid.

They are in Buchans.

Ed Hollett said...


I feel bad now if I have left any wrong impression as to your political affiliation. That wasn't the point and it isn't the point.

From the outset I thought the PPG thing was wrongheaded for several reasons, not the least of which is the apparent premise that all reporters are unprincipled scum. That's a bad attitude I rail against every day with clients, sometimes with success and sometimes without.

The MUN logo thing is entirely another matter I can claim not credit or responsibility for your trafiic on that. As far as weird traffic spikes go, i went through a couple of rounds where peopl are googling seal hunt stuff and finding posts from centuries ago. i get people linking off fair Deal and tracking down comments made on weird subjects from like I said centuries ago.

The Internet is home to strange people and things.

towniebastard said...

Ed, no one has accused me of being a Liberal and I'm not worried in the slightest. Nor do I think you left that impression. Don't worry about it.