Friday, June 16, 2006

Flickr update

If there is one thing I've been shamefully negligent at since we arrived in Iqaluit it has been taking more pictures. I don't think I've updated Flicker since last fall. And yes, I should buy a membership, throw up all of the photos I have on my computer and better organize them. Maybe it's a project for July when Cathy is back in St. John's and I'm all alone here.

But that doesn't get around the point that I haven't taken many photos, especially with snow on the ground. Now, in my defence it gets awfully cold here during the winter and I don't know of many people who particularly feel like exposing their fingers to -40 or so to take some photos. And if my fingers don't like it, the camera isn't real fond of it either. Aside from the battery draining at rapid speed, I've also noticed a weird pixelization when I take photos if the camera has been outside for more than 15 minutes.

So that's the excuse, but next winter, I will try to do better. I keep think it would be nice to get one of the SLR Canon cameras. I've seen the pictures they take and they're so much better than my Sony. My camera does well, but I guess I'm suffering from photo envy, And I can't justify a new toy if I'm not using the old one enough.

Anyway, I've thrown about a dozen new photos taken last weekend up on Flickr. They're mostly of ice, but you do get some shots of Cathy and the city in there as well.

MUN update
1. Simon links to an excellent article from the New York Times about university rebranding.
2. Victoria Collins from MUN's administration was also on the Morning Show yesterday, but CBC hasn't updated the site. Check back later in the day and see if they fix that.
3. If you're still in a letter writing mood, why not drop a line to The MUN Gazette? The next issues comes out June 29, so to be on the safe side I would have letters to the editor in by June 22 at the absolute latest. Also, keep them to no more than 250-300 words or odds are they won't run them or will edit them for length.

Interesting how the only mention of the new logo and marketing scheme was four paragraph brief along with a weblink in the last issue. For something that MUN is clearly proud of and is planning on rolling out, I would have thought it have a larger presence in the paper.


Sure b'y said...

Oh, MUN is not that proud of this new logo thing or they wouldn't have waited until the summer semester to roll it out. I think they figured it was best to sneak it out now when there are not too many people around to notice or get upset.

SkylarKD said...

Victoria Collins' interview is up now. Here's the direct link: