Saturday, June 24, 2006

Music suggestions...

So I'm sending Cathy back home early next month...damaged goods and all...


Um, yeah, like I was saying, Cathy is heading home for a much needed break after putting up with the kids for the past 10 months. And for those of you wishing to point out that we've been together for nearly five years and has been putting up with me for longer than 10 months, she knows that.

Anyway, along with getting to see friends, eat at restaurants and visiting her folks, she'll be doing a resupply run. That can mean everything from clothes, pet supples, some food and whatnot. It can also mean music.

While I get a lot of my music online these days, it can be frustrating trying to get local music that way. I've made this vent before, but I wish it was easier to get local music online. Yes, there's myspace, but that isn't the be all and end all.

So here's the thing, for those living in Newfoundland, give me some music recommendations. Here's the conditions:
- Needs to have been released since August 1995.
- You don't need to suggest Sean Panting or Mark Bragg as I have them already.
- I also already plan to ask Cathy to pick up the Hey Rosetta! and Ron Hynes latest.

So any other ideas are welcome. I do miss Newfoundland music sometimes.

On an unrelated note, I just watched Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang with Robert Downey jr. and Val Kilmer. You need to go and rent this film. It's one big quote fest. It's weird, but noir funny weird. It's also the first movie Kilmer has been in in ages that I haven't wanted to hit him.

Best quote?

Harry: I swear to God, it's like somebody took America by the East Coast, and shook it, and all the normal girls managed to hang on.
Harmony: OK, everyone who hates Harry raise your hand!
[all the girls in the club raise their hands]
Perry: See that? Obedient little bitches too.
[Girl screams "Fuck you!" and throws a glass, which he dodges]


danadana said...

Sherry Ryan. Just saw her for the first time tonight at the Rose & Thistle. Country stuff. Mark Bragg plays guitar with her. So good that I finally accepted that I like country, and (more importantly) that I'm cool with that. She's got albums, dunno what they're called yet but I'll be havin' 'em tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

If you're into gypsy jazz try Dwayne Andrews debut album. He's also launching a new album at the Ship tonight.

Rasa "neoprehistoric" is a decent album as is Darrell Cooper "Foundation". Peter Navarez has "Some Good Blues" which is a powerhouse finger picking blues album. These albums I think were released before you left NL so you're probably aware of them.

Of course there is also the debut of "The Novaks" which is flat out guitar rock. Best album of the last few years to come from NL in my opinion. If they keep their heads on and get some good management they will do everything that the Thomas Trio and Dead Reckoning should have.

towniebastard said...

I actually have the Novaks and Rasa. I had Peter Navarez's CD, but it just didn't grow on me. But I suspect the problem is I'm just not a blues person. Nothing against their skills as musicians, but they're genre doesn't do it for me.

Dana, I'm hearing good things about Sherry Ryan and might have to give her a try. I'm with you on country music, but a couple of years ago I discovered Neko Case and, much to my horror, discovered I like at least her version of country music.

Hunt down Furnace Room Lullaby and Blacklisted. I'm willing to bet you like them lots.