Sunday, May 28, 2006

So very sad

Pop quiz, kids. Read this story about the Newfoundland NDP leadership "convention" and then pick one of the answers listed below.

Which is the saddest thing to come out of the NDP convention this weekend?
A. That Nina Patey only got five votes.
B. That only 112 votes were cast all told.
C. That new leader Lorraine Michael (she who received the other 107) believes she can lead a NDP government in Newfoundland.

The correct answer is, of course, C. I can feel pity for Patey, but at least she ran, which is more than I can say of some prominent NDPers in the province. The 112 votes cast is amusing. But thinking the NDP will win a provincial election anytime in the remotely near future is sad in a delusional kind of way. I mean, I appreciate she had to say it, but it's still kind of "Oh really? Well, that's nice. Dream that dream..."

Even if she said that they will form the next opposition, I would have thought it not likely, but certainly not a completely ridiculous idea, especially if the Liberals continue their implosion.

But forming the next government? It's just so silly. Michael will be lucky to hold onto Harris' seat in the legislature. I hope she does, just because having nothing but Tories in St. John's is a very bad situation. Still, I won't be surprised if she loses that seat. It was Harris personal popularity that won him elections, not his party.


Jason said...

Its so sad yet so funny in a dark way. Its even more funny when you talk to NDP members who were there who claim they are in an "upswing".

Simon said...

With 10 people per District elegible to cast their votes, that means only 107 votes out of a potential 480 votes leaving aside any ex officio votes available.