Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Karmic whiplash

So if you had spoken to me on Tuesday night, you wouldn't have gotten a happy camper. I had been told that my contract was up and that despite being happy with my work, they couldn't offer me the job full-time. In fact, because of various rules, someone else would be starting in a few weeks time.

Just to add to the day I found out that of the five jobs I applied for recently:
1. I didn't get through the screening process on two of them
2. I hadn't heard back on two, which wasn't a good sign.
3. And the final one, which I had an interview lined up, hit a delay which meant weeks, if not months, before I knew anything about it.

Oh, and when we got home, we found out our rent was going up $118 a month starting in September.

So yeah, May 30th will not go down in the annals of history as a good day. I'm thinking about cutting it out of the calendar and burning it, just so I don't have to run the risk of looking at it again. A very bad karma day.

Today, I found out that they guy hired to do my job had a change of heart and doesn't want it. Which means my contract has been extended for a couple of more months. Plus, I will now likely get a chance to be interviewed for the job and have a very good, but not guaranteed, chance of getting it permanently.

I've had some karmic whiplash days before. Where something bad would be followed by something good in a short period of time before, but I don't think I've ever gone through anything like this before. I've been in a daze most of the day because it is a huge burden off my least for a couple of more months. And I'll be better able to enjoy our trip to San Francisco in August. I would have felt guilty spending money if I had been unemployed for two months. Now, while I'm not likely to go on a spending spree, I certainly won't be watching every cent.

I might even rent a convertible for that trip down the coast highway....

The downside is that I won't be home this summer. Which does suck a bit. It would have been nice to have seen my parents, family and friends. There are few nicer pleasures than a cold drink and a book outside of Hava Java on a sunny day. I'll miss that.

But really, I don't know how much my heart would have been into it without a job to go back to.


colette said...

MU-stang, MU-stang, MU-stang

Is there any doubt? The perfect California highway cruising car.

Think _Bullitt_. Think Steve McQueen driving too fast through the streets of San Francisco (granted, you're not driving in SF but if you are, then more power to you and I hope your life insurance is paid up).

Good heavens, Craig--the current crop of Mustangs are even based on the 1967 fastback driven by Stevie in that movie. So there you go, synchronicity, karma and all the rest of that stuff.

And speaking as the previous owner of a Florida 1967 Mustang fastback (everything original), if the new crop are anything like the originals, they are sweet cruising cars. Ah yes, cruising out to Cape Spear with the radio blasting....sniff, I miss that car.

Hell, I don't drive (yet) and I'm lusting over the current crop of Mustangs (despite the fact that they're Fords). That and the new Saturn roadster.

Anonymous said...

Whiplash, indeed.

Glad to hear you're getting at least a few more months.

Good luck widdit.