Thursday, May 04, 2006


So myself and Cathy are getting to experience a rare treat - we're both getting sick together. We've been together 4.5 years and while we've both been sick before, I don't recall both of us starting to feel like crap on the same day. So if this develops as I suspect it will over the next few days, with coughs, aches, swollen heads and whatnot, our wee little apartment is going to become plague central. Charming.

Bad timing as well. Tomorrow was going to be my department's IQ (Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit ) day. Basically once or twice a year, at the discretion of senior management, the staff go out on the land and learn a bit more about our home, Inuit traditions, culture and knowledge. I don't talk much about work, but I've always thought this was a pretty good idea. Despite the efforts of the Government, more than half of government employees are non-Inuit. They are trying to get that number up, but it's likely going to be many years away.

So until then, why not have days like this where we can learn more about the culture and traditions. I've been looking forward to this day for weeks.

So last night I was really not amused to feel something brewing. It's gotten worse today. Spending a day outdoors in sub-zero temperatures, riding on the back of a snowmobile is probably not a great idea. We'll see how I feel, but I suspect I'm not going to be able to go.


I was able to get out of the office for an hour today and go to the Trades Show in town. It's one of the big event days in Iqaluit. I think kids like it because most of the businesses with tables have good swag or at least draws. I've been busy the last few days so I literally got there just as people were taking apart their tables. Which kind of sucks, because I would have liked a better look that the 10 minute dash I got.

But the good side is I hit a table that had some nice sculptures that they didn't want to have to pack up and take back to Pangnirtung. They're small, and I'm sure they had some really, really nice stuff there earlier in the week. But these two pieces are quite nice and I got them half price. We haven't bought much in the way of artwork since we've been here. We figure we've got a few more years in Iqaluit, why rush and buy everything we see. We're being quite picky. But these were nice, and the price is impossible to beat.

The hunter is made of stone (not sure what kind) while the rest (oar, boat, harpoon) is made of caribou antler.

At half price this was $60. By the way, most of this can come apart. The hunter can come out of the boat, so can the oars and harpoons. I've been told that this is a sign of good craftsmanship, that the artist didn't feel he had to cheat by gluing things together.

This is to give you and idea of how big it is.

While Cathy likes the hunter, she isn't as in love with this piece. The bird (a falcon, I think) is glued on top of the inukshuk, which is a bit of a cheat, apparently. But there is something about it that just grabs me.

The inukshuk is made of stone, the bird of caribou antler. It's about the same size as the hunter in the kayak and was $50. Considering the craftsmanship involved, it's a steal.

Not quite sure what I'm going to do with these two pieces. I could give them as gifts, but I might just bring them to my office. It's always nice to have some art in the office.

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