Wednesday, May 10, 2006


So I didn't post anything yesterday because my brain wasn't in the right space. It felt like everything I had to write about I had already done. I was still sick, the roads were still full of potholes and the Liberals were still pissing me off.

And today, the sun is shining, the snow is melting and I'm feeling much better. Granted, the roads still suck and I want to feed the Liberals to polar bears, but things seem to be doing much better.

And besides RJ is lamenting the fact that Newfoundland bloggers appear to be slacking off because the weather is getting nicer. And he might have a point. It's not just the fewer blog postings on the NL blogroll, it's fewer people actually visiting. The number of people visiting my blog have dropped about 20% in the last three weeks. So I'm assuming it's people going out and enjoying the weather.

The other option is that people think I'm dreadfully boring and are staying away. So yeah, it's the weather. Totally.

It might also be people hitting that three month wall. Lots of new bloggers start off full of fire, but after three months they start running out of things to write about on a regular basis. We shall see.

The other thing about May, the nicer weather and decreasing blogging is the wrapping up of the TV season. This is probably the fewest number of shows I've ever followed, so it's not being as big a deal for me. There were some shows, like the X-Files, where you would be going mad all summer wondering how they were going to resolve the cliffhanger.

Is any show going to do that for me this May? Doubtful. West Wing wraps up on Sunday and I will mourn its passing, I'm still pleased to see it go out on a high note. I am pretty pissed at NBC for canning the series retrospective. Why? Because the series stars wanted a lot of money. I appreciate some people might grumble at the cast for wanting lot of money, but the hell with it, give them the money. I sincerely doubt NBC will lose money on it.

That 70s Show gets a 90 minute farewell. West Wing gets a repeat of the pilot and the last episode. A pretty classless way to deal with one of their most acclaimed shows.

What else? I watch NCIS, although I always feel like I should be slightly embarrassed to do so. The crimes are normally a bit lame, but the character interaction is what sells me. Although there are aspects to the show that frightens me sometimes. Last night, one of the characters browbeats a nurse into breaking the rules for her by contacting Condi Rice. Characters are routinely doing that. Breaking the rules, stretching or even abusing the limits of their power and authority, but all for what they perceive as the greater good. I get the feeling it's a show that George Bush would like a lot.

I don't know if House is going to end with a big bang, but I am grateful for the second wind the show caught about half way through this season. The first half was awfully mediocre. The House-Stacy love story, Cameron possibly getting AIDS from a patient, Cameron sleeping with all felt very flat.

But there's been more zip since, well, since American Idol started airing before the show. Weird. I don't know why. But the mysteries have been better and House has been more entertaining. And since they're setting up the possibility of Cuddy becoming pregnant with the Spawn of House, I'm vastly amused at its potential.

I don't know if the hippies will win on The Amazing Race, but the producers are certainly doing everything they can to keep them in the game as long as possible. Finishing last twice when there just happened to be non-elimination legs. Just a coincidence, I'm sure. But it's just as well, the rest of the players are pretty unlikeable.

Online scuttlebutt says Terry actually doesn't win the latest Survivor, that Danielle does. Which would be a crime. I haven't watched every Survivor, but I've watched enough to know that I've haven't seen many tougher, with the odds stacked against him longer and still be in there. Then again, fair rarely has anything to do with deciding Survivor winners.

As for CSI, it just keep chugging along. I'll watch the finale. I doubt it can top last years, but we shall see.

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Ed Hollett said...

The blog traffic comes and goes. Right now we are in a lull unless you are blogging about Hydro or seals.

NCIS is a great show. I agree with your take on it exactly.

That and House are my Tuesday night addictions. House is getting much better and again, you are bang on.

The other show that is finishing nicely is West Wing. After a bad season last year, it came back this time around and seems to be cluing up nicely.

Rj said...

All things considered,
I felt blaming the weather
made me a happier blogger.

vickyth said...

Hmmm..... my traffic has actually gone up significantly lately. I suspect it has something to do with (dare I say it) what I'm writing. Of course, having a target audience does help a good bit.

That said, if it were nicer today, I'd be outside and not in here typing....

So really, I have no point. Disregard.

Clare said...

Definitely the weather.

towniebastard said...

Ed, you know you've agreed with me two posts in a row. I gotta say, it's kind of freaking me out. Must be the spring weather or something.

And yes, I'm sure the weather is impacting blog hits, but my blog is probably more vulnerable to spikes and lows. I don't blog on any one thing. I'm just as likely to talk about politics one post, then comics, then movies, then about the North.

If I blog about something interesting (oooh, I don't know, pictures of maked curlers certainly did wonders for the hit count) then the traffic goes up. Same thing when I was ranting at MUN.

Maybe I just haven't talked about anything particularly controversal lately. Or I should focus my subject material more.