Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oh right, holiday weekend

So like any good blogger who needs his ego stroked, I was checking my site stats and had a small stroke. I haven't seen numbers that low since Christmas.

Which is when it clued in that, duh, it's May 24th weekend. It means all the suckers are out in the woods somewhere.

I've never had a particular fondness of the 24th of May weekend. And no, it's not lasting mental damage from previous weekends. I can only assume that's what Ed went through, hence the (quite funny) bitterness involving the weekend.

I'm not claiming to be a genius. Yes, I have two university degrees, but that's hardly a sign of intelligence. It's a sign that I'm willing to spend lots of money to hang out at a university with my friends. No, the sign of intelligence was that at a very early age I recognized that going out and doing anything on this weekend was folly. Forget the cold and bloody well snowed more often than not. Why would you want to go out in a tent in that?

Plus, as Cathy has quite rightly noted, I am not an outdoors person. We went camping for two weeks in PEI and Nova Scotia early in our relationship. I think that might have been the moment that we knew we were going to get married. Because we survived spending two weeks in a tent. I'm not saying there were moments that I wouldn't have done her in for a nice, cozy hotel room with air conditioning (hell is camping in a tent in a heat wave because at least you can bundle up when freezing to death this weekend), because there were. But the important thing is, I didn't. And such is the beginnings of a lifelong love.

Anyway, my May 24th weekend has been messed up for years. Working in community newspapers often means you don't get long weekend. This is the first time I'll have Monday off in at least five year, possibly longer. So it's never been a big deal. But on those occasions where I did choose to mark the occasion, it normally involved going to a coffee shop, getting a nice cup of hot chocolate and sitting by the window with a book. Occasionally I would glance up, see the horrific weather, think on all the people out freezing their asses off in tents or out in a small boat, damp and shivering while trying to catch undersized trout and a bit ole grin would cross my face.

Again, there's a reason why the word "bastard" appears in the blog title, kids...

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Melissa said...

Set yourself on fire by the stars! that's a good one!

I forgot about May 24 weekend also - but i'm not really missing canadian camping. i prefer a bit of dry comfort and my book shelf, actually. :)