Friday, May 05, 2006

Free Comic Book Day

So the predicted flu landed on us today with the impact you might expect. Of course, we're being affected in different ways. Cathy cough is worse and she's aching all over. My symptoms are more feverish and my back has locked up tight. Cathy is trying to sleep it off...I'm trying to sweat it out. We'll see who wins.

A note for those of you in St. John's (or really, anywhere in the world that has a comic book store) is that tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. Which is pretty much what it sounds like. No, you can't walk into a store and grab whatever you want for free. But you can go in and look at a selection of free comics that major and independent publishers have provided.

The site has what is available, but some of the highlights include: Archie, Donald Duck, Justice League Unlimited, X-Men/Runaways, Star Wars, Conan, Owly, Amelia Rules and lots of others. Most of the comics are for kids, although you might find some not suitable for younger readers. So you might want to check them first.

I encourage you if you're in St. John's to go to either Downtown Comics or Timemasters. Downtown Comics is on Duckworth Street, next to the new hotel and the KFC. Timemasters is on Kenmount Road, next door to the Wendy's. You can find some nice comics there. Judging by the list, if you have kids I'd really recommend Owly and Amelia Rules for girls. There'll be plenty of super hero stuff for boys.

And while you're at the shop, take a look around and see if there is something else you want. These comics are free for you, but the stores are charged. I've been at too many of these events where a mom or dad comes in with their kid, stocks up on the freebees, and when the kid wants to take a look at what else might be there, they drag him out of the store. It seems awfully rude to me. Besides, I was dragged out of too many comic stores when I was a kid. I hated it. So anytime I see it happen to a kid, I always want to grab them and say to the parents "Let them look around. All they want is to look at reading material."

For that matter, look around yourself. Take a look at the graphic novels. There are plenty worth buying and taking home for a read.

And I have found a few gems at these Free Comic Book Day events. Owly is a little too cute for me, but I can't deny that it is exceptionally well done, and every kid I've ever seen pick up and issue falls head over heels for it. I found Amelia Rules and did fall head over heels. Seriously, pick up the freebee and see if you're aren't asking about the trade paperbacks shortly afterwards.

It's a good day. Go and check it out...


colette said...

"Judging by the list, if you have kids I'd really recommend Owly and Amelia Rules for girls. There'll be plenty of super hero stuff for boys."

Oh, Craig, Craig, Craig...."super-hero stuff" _for boys_? Something else _for girls_?

(owner of a shitload of classic late-70's "super-hero stuff" and definitely a girl)

towniebastard said...

Girls, as a rule these days, do not go for super hero comics. They go for manga, big time and other non-super hero type stuff. I'm not saying that a young girl won't be interested in the Justice League comic...but I do think they are more likely to be interested in Amelia Rules.

If you want to see sites where women talk about comic books, here are a few I recommend. And yes, they also talk about super hero comics.

And Colette, the reason you owned all those Daredevils as a kid was that you were a dork...;)

colette said...

I still have them--they made the move. Frank Miller era too may I point out. I also have the first fifty issues of Teen Titans and some rather classic X-Men, along with assorted other goodies. (Hey, Warlord was rather cool....)

Dork :^)