Saturday, May 06, 2006

Day of the beast

It's still a month away, but already the lead up to what is sure to be one of the strangest days of the year is beginning. That day being June 6. Or, just in case you didn't know and can't work the math - 6/6/06/

Yes, it's the Day of the Beast. I'm not anticipating apocalyptic evil, so much as apocalyptic silliness. As might be expected, some religious groups and anticipating the Rapture will happen that day.

Of course, the remake of The Omen is being released ton June 6. And in a real sign of evil, Ann Cloutier has a new book coming out.

But this is probably my favourite story I've read so far. Some women in England, and I'm sure in America as well, are considering C-Sections so they're child won't be born on June 6. Others are embracing it, threatening to call their sons Damian should they be born on the big day.

All I know is, I'm glad our new puppy is being born before that. There's nothing worse when you're cute little puppy turns out to be a hellhound.


Jason Bartlett said...

Nothing drives me more insane then the 666 myth. Early Christians had to communicate in secret. They did so with numbers. When refering to the Emperor who was perscuting them at the time they used 666 which when translated into was Nero!. I think everyone now can figure out how the myth built up.

Way Way Up said...

Yikes, my sister due date was actually moved up a week to June 6,2006. So I'm quite certain now it will be a girl.

His Nibs said...

A hellhound named 'Dog' of course. So say Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Melissa said...

Craig, there's a very real possibility that i could give birth on this day. I think it would be funny (as hell) though ... :)

Counting down the days ....