Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How to get your wife to kill you...

I was going to bed last night and noticed that it was 11 p.m. so I went and turned off the VCR. Cathy was taping the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and I figured that since it was 11 p.m. the show was over.

Turns out the clock is about four minutes fast.


I was making supper this evening while Cathy was in the bedroom watching the tape when I heard an anguished scream followed by "I'm going to kill you!" This was followed by Cathy stalking out into the kitchen with a vaguely despairing look on her face. She calmed down quickly enough and actually feels bad about the outburst. Then again, I feel pretty bad about cutting off the last few minutes of her show. So if anyone knows how it ends, feel free to post a quick synopsis of the last few minutes so my wife can sleep easier at night. And I can ease my guilty coincidence.

It wasn't a good day for Cathy and Grey's Anatomy, actually. ABC announced their new fall line-up. I'm not getting into the shows too much because they uniformly look terrible. I might change my mind once I hear a few reviews, but the descriptions of the shows sound awful. They look like the kind of shows that won't last the end of September, let alone make it to a full season.

But in a bold move to try and capture some of that expensive Thursday night advertising, ABC is moving one of their three hit shows (and really, Lost and Desperate Housewives didn't have great second seasons. I gave up on Lost half way through this season) to Thursday at 9 p.m. That show would be Grey's Anatomy.

And what's it up against? Well, that wimp show CSI and NBC's new big hope Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

I hate it when networks do that. They were doing it on Tuesdays this year for awhile. Now it seems they're going to do the same thing next season on Thursday night. There is no way all three shows survive. And since I'm not betting on CSI doing a sudden fold, it's going to be either Studio 60 or Grey's Anatomy.

Cathy is baffled on what to watch. Unless it sucks badly, I'll be leaning towards watching Studio 60. I never did get into Grey's. I find the characters all aggravating. I mean, House is aggravating, but in a vastly amusing way. I just want to smack everyone on Grey's repeatedly and tell them to grow the fuck up. Which doesn't make for an hour's worth of entertainment for me, but Cathy loves it.

As for the rest of ABC's line up, go here and witness the despair for yourself. I doubt if my remote will be stopping very much on that station next season. Oh, and Commander-in-Chief is officially toast. I don't think I've seen a show go down the crapper after such a promising start quite that fast.

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colette said...

Television Without Pity has a recap. I was checking an online forum I participate in but no recap just discussion.

Jason said...

I love reading Television without Pity, I love the snark!

Sure b'y said...

Craig, I have the last hour taped (haven't watched it yet) and I would have killed you too. If she still wants to see it I can send it to you or try to convert the last section to digital and email it. Maybe you could download it somewhere.

Owen's Mom said...

Tell Cathy to email me and let me know exactly where it cut off on her - I'll give a complete recap of the last few minutes.

But if it cut off whil Izzie was still in the hospital room with Denny, you're never going to be able to make this up to her. It was brilliant!

Owen's Mom said...

Oh, and I'm also dissapointed that they're moving Grey's - I now officially have nothing to watch on Sundays.

As for the decision - sorry, would have loved to have watched Studio 60, it looks great, but I won't be giving up Grey's for it.

Maybe I can have still catch everything I want to watch with time shift on my satellite? It also may be time to breakdown and buy the DVR.

So now, Thursdays will have ER (up until christmas) CSI, Grey's and Studio 60.

Yeah, what do you think the chances are of me being able to watch 4 hours of straight tv with little man running around. And the only other things I even watch are House and Gilmore girls... So Tuesdays are already a write off too.