Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend marathon

I've decided to take a break from my Babylon 5 marathon to do an actual blog post.

I'm not sure why I decided to sit down and watch the series again. It's been years and I've always dearly loved it, so I guess it was due. It's certainly not the special effects or the design work. And the acting is quite patchy in spots. But damn, the writing is good. Just from the individual character arcs, the philosophy and humour, it really was a top notch show.

"What is it, Vir, you moon-faced assassin of joy." Now that's a lovely insult. You just don't see high quality insults like that on TV very often. Well, on House, but that's pretty much it. I might have mellowed in my old age, but I can still appreciate and treasure a well crafted insult.

I know Battlestar Galactica is everyone's poster child of excellent, political science fiction, but back in its day, I still think the writing on B5 is better. If it had the budget BSG had, it would be considered a classic.

So yes, that's most been my day, but I think I needed a break after yesterday. For those visiting from outside, yesterday was Nunavut Day. I was one of the volunteers who helped out. And somewhere out in the wild world, there is photo and video evidence of me dressed up as a polar bear (well, I had the ears and some fake paws) chasing kids around during a game. First thing Monday morning I plan on tracking down all the evidence and destroying it, but for right now it exists.

It was actually a surprising amount of fun, but man, I was wiped at the end of it. I imagine most of the volunteers were. There was a lot going on and I think it all went pretty smoothly. However, I did manage to neglect eating or drinking much during the day. There was plenty of food and drink available, I just managed to not find the time to get any of it. So by 6pm, I was starving, dehydrated and exhausted. A friend of mine was playing at the Kicking Caribou and I had the idea of seeing her play, but I had no energy left. I guess that's why sitting in front of the TV and watching B5 seemed like such a good idea. So good that it continued into today. And may well continue into tomorrow, although a break to watch the World Cup final will likely be in order.

It's a decidedly slothful weekend, but I suspect I'm allowed a few of them this summer.

Last Five
1. My dark life - Elvis Costello*
2. It's good to be king (live) - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
3. Back to black - Amy Winehouse
4. Red belt - Sara & Tegan
5. Rag & bone - The White Stripes


Morena said...

Wow, you and my husband would really get along. The other day you mentioned playing Civilization which he loves and today Babylon 5? I can't believe there is someone else out there that loves that show. It has to be the worst thing I've ever seen... but truthfully, I could never get past the bad set, the bad acting and the bad effects to give the writing much of a chance. I always make him watch it alone. At least with Civilization I get to be Queen of the World when he wins.

ViewPoint2010 said...

How's it look on the new TV?

Anonymous said...

I will pay big bucks to see pics of you dressed as a polar bear.