Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back on the air

So, not dead, I assure you. Nor even facing one of my bouts of writer's block. Instead, I wasn't able to blog because of the weather.

Not many bloggers can say that, I suspect.

I really am enjoying the new Xplorenet service. It's proving to be more reliable, in most cases, than NWTel. However, it does have one weakness. The past two nights we had pretty decent amounts of rain falling and it just wrecked havoc on my internet signal. Iqaluit is essentially an arctic desert, so we don't get as much rain as other parts of Canada. So that's the good news. The bad news is that when we do get it, there's not much I can do, except pick up a book, as I did last night when I finished off "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" (One Line Review: Larsson was in dire need of a good editor to gut that sucker like a fish).

I guess we'll just how to tough it out, but it is something to consider for those of you in Iqaluit considering switching over.

Other than that, I fear there isn't much to report. Cathy and I talk on the phone each night and she keeps asking what news I have. I know she understands it's Iqaluit in the summer, but she still has to ask. There's only so many times you can say the mosquitoes are trying to kill me, that work is good, but hectic, Boo is doing just fine and that I'm now on Season 3 of Babylon 5 (it's aged...disapointingly). Ta da...

Meanwhile, Cathy is out with a bunch of our friends, has been enjoying warm temperatures and having fun. Oh, and she also committed an act that I understand, but still saddens me...she purged the last of our books and CDs that we left at her parents house.

I understand why it had to be done. It's been five years since we left them there. We're not moving back to Newfoundland any time soon. There were too many books to try and ship up here. So the compromise was to sell them. She copied down a list of the authors and titles that I might be interested in purchasing again, but still, it was kind of sad...especially when all of my Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov books finally were sold. I know I was never going to reread them again, but still, I've had some of those novels since I was 12. It hurts knowing they're gone. I just hope they find a good home.

Not all the CDs died...I had a bloody huge collection of Chieftains CDs when I left St. John's. I didn't put them on my iPod at the time because there wasn't room for them all. However, I'm going to get her to bring them up now and then I'll decide if I'll put them on the iPod or not. I have about 25 Chieftains CDs coming up. I'm kind of afraid they'll overwhelm everything else on the iPod.

And that's it for this evening. Tomorrow, something on blog advertising, I think. We shall see...

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