Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Burn baby, burn

A couple of my friends, always seeking a way to get a rise out of me, have pointed out that there is a massive class reunion taking place on August 7th at my old high school, Booth Memorial. This is amusing to them because my hate for Booth is well known. That link is to the nice blog post I wrote about my old high school, by the way. There is another one involving me running through the ashes of the burnt out building, rubbing them on my naked body and laughing manically. I have to admit, that even disturbs me a bit.

I like to think that I can grow past certain things and stop nursing grudges. It is a sign of maturity, after all. Of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Apparently I'm not there yet. And I'm perfectly all right with that. I responded to one friend who emailed me a Facebook link about the reunion that it would probably be a bad idea given the volume of guns I have access to up here.

I kid, I kid, to all those RCMP officers who follow the blog, but still...

I am currently friends with exactly no one from my old high school. Well, my former English teacher is about as close as it gets. He was, and is, a nice man who will probably be a touch hurt when he reads this. I do feel a bit bad about that. He was one of about five positive things I can list about my time at Booth versus the 1,000 or so things that made me want to scream.

I honestly thought they had closed the school already and were hopefully making plans to build something useful at that location, like a Wendy's or a Burger King.

I'll get over it one day, I'm confident of it. Probably shortly after someone sends me a picture of a vacant lot where the school used to stand. Hating your high school is, I think, a perfectly sane thing to do. If you were forced to go to a place that you loathed for three years, filled with people who more often then not made your life a living hell, well, you might have a few lingering resentment issues.

So if anyone who reads this blog is planning on going, be sure to pass on my....regards, won't you?

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Jason said...

hahahahahaha thats hilarious...that is all

Jennifer said...

OMG you are too funny! I enjoy reading your posts! I hated high school, which is why I chose to not go and to do drugs instead - which is ironic that I am know an addictions social worker... but it all stemmed from how terrible school was. I love reading your posts.

I don't think I know what community you are in... I only have 5 weeks left till I leave Nova Scotia for Cambridge Bay - sooo exciting! I hope to chat more soon!

Ron said...

I think the most bizarre story I ever heard about a high school reunion was about a performance artist in the US whose attended the high school reunion of a friend as one of the other classmates who had subsequently been killed in a car accident. No one knew the artist and he had alot of facial scars so he was able to explain the change in his appearance enough to be believed.

That is already pretty tasteless and it made many of the people there pretty uncomfortable. The guy them proceeds to get drunk and generally be a jerk. And just at the point when he is about to be thrown out he starts a striptease and takes off his shirt to reveal the explosives taped to his body (which were really firecrackers). He then set off the explosives/firecrackers amid screams and mayhem, and quickly left before the smoke cleared.

It was a pretty awful prank but it does say something about high school and class reunions.

psc said...

My High School reunion is coming up soon
I ran into an old classmate of mine about a month ago and we got to chatting.
He asked me if I knew where a certain old classmate of ours was.
The thing is.. this particular asshole made my life a living hell.
I don't want to know where he is and if he has ball cancer I wouldn't shed a tear.
I have a family function in my hometown on the same weekend as my reunion otherwise I wouldn't be within 50 miles of the fucking farce.
Highschool was like a prison sentence for some of us ..we did our time and moved on...

ViewPoint2010 said...

Strange how high school seems to occur about the same time as your whole life is turned upside down by body chemistry, unexpected life events, jerks in class, manic depressive teachers, and power-hungry secretaries. Thank God it was never like that for me! LOL