Thursday, July 15, 2010

Case study

Not really in the mood to blog too much this evening, I'm afraid. Not really mad or upset just a bit...disappointed over some news. So when faced with sets of circumstances such as this, there is a three step process.

1. Allow anywhere from 5-10 minutes to feel sorry for yourself, depending on the severity of the disappointment. This was, in the grand scheme of things, a relatively minor setback and correctable with work. Probably not even worthy of the full five minutes, but you have it so you might as well use it.

2. Remind yourself that nothing of value that you truly want should ever come completely easy and without some struggle, otherwise how would you truly be able to appreciate it once you have it?

3. To make yourself feel better, get some chocolate. Or, almost as good, find a song with Neko Case belting out something upbeat sounding. I'm not even sure the lyrics to the New Pornographers "Crash Years" make all that much sense, but I don't really care, as I can just listen to Neko's voice and automatically feel better.

God love music...

Last Five
1. Streets of sorrow/Birmingham six - The Pogues
2. Carpetbaggers - Jenny Lewis
3. That teenage feeling - Neko Case
4. The laws have changed - The New Pornographers*
5. Smokers outside the hospital - The Editors

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