Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When not to pay attention

I'm trying to figure out if the University of Ottawa's academic vice-president François Houle is the stupidest man in Canada right now. I think he may well be. I understand this varies from moment to moment, but he certainly strikes me as the man of the hour.

I don't understand much about what could possible make Ann Coulter tick or how she could possibly believe some of the things she does. But I do understand this much about her - she is a specialist at getting publicity and generating outrage so that she keeps herself in the spotlight, which in turn allows her to sell more of whatever it is she's shilling at that moment.

Do I think she has the right to go and speak at a university? Yes. I don't like her for any number of reasons, but universities ought to be a place where you can have different opinions and debate them. But honestly, sending her a letter reminding her to behave....are you really that stupid? Have you not done even the most basic research to realize what someone like Coulter does with that kind of material?

She generates controversy, portrays herself as the martyr and then goes and says horrible things...claiming it's all satire, of course. You play into her hands when you send letters threatening her with consequences if she doesn't play nice when the smartest, wisest strategy is to just ignore her.

I'm not saying you always ignore those espousing hate. Sometimes you have to stand up to them and say you're not taking this anymore. That they're wrong and you will fight them with every fibre of your being to make sure people like them don't thrive. However, someone like Coulter thrives and, more importantly, profits under that kind of fire. The best attack for someone like that is to show up and turn your back to them all night long. To not say a word. Or better still, don't show up. You can't reasonably argue with someone like Coulter because she's not reasonable. She's not in it to win arguments. She's in it to generate controversy and to make money from that controversy. And spread a little hate, just for the icing on the cake, you understand.

So yeah, thanks Houle. It had been months since I had last heard Coulter's name mentioned and then you have to give her a big heaping load of attention. Well done. Idiot.

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In Iqaluit said...

Yes, but I am very impressed that the demonstrators at the University of Ottawa put a stop to her speaking at all!

Anonymous said...

You nailed it.

Didn't she end up with a broken jaw last year? ;-)

ViewPoint2010 said...

I think the folks who were demonstrating were exercising their right to free speech as well. The fact was they didn't want Coulter there and they have as much right to express that opinion as she does her opinion. I just hope that she goes home soon. Her energy is all negative and that's what makes the money for her. Good riddance to Coulter.

Way Way Up said...

The way that pathetic gas bag has flapped her gums and bemoaned Canada over the past little while she should be happy she was even let into the country.