Tuesday, March 09, 2010

St. Paddy's Drunk dial '10

As I said last week, Dups is currently trying to take over the world with Empire Avenue. Which may well happen. Now, Dups has also been running the St. Patrick's Drunk Dial the past few years. The premise is very simple. Right around St. Patrick's Day, you write the toll-free number on the website down on a piece of paper and stick it in your wallet, program it into your Crackberry or what have you. Then, go and get very, very drunk. Once you are very drunk, then you remember you have this phone number, you call it and leave whatever drunk ramblings that come to mind.

If your drunken ramblings are particularly entertaining, then you may win a prize of some kind. It could be money. It could be alcohol. I believe Dups is looking at giving the winner this year credits of some kind on Empire Avenue or possibly something else.

Or you could do what I do, which is kind of cheat. Now, I love the contest, but I don't actually drink. I tend to view the Drunk Dial as a creative writing exercise. So the first year I entered I called as a vengeful St. Patrick looking for his kickback. I did this with an absolutely hideous Irish accent that I fully expect to be shot for one day.

Last year I won with the bright idea of trying to raise money so I could become the first professional white male throat singer. I never really publicized that much on the blog because I was worried someone might take offense. But honestly, I'm making fun of white people trying to master a difficult Inuit traditional art. I guess you can find offense with that if you really work at it, but I think I'm done worrying about it.

So now I'm trying to come up with this year's call. Once again, I will likely be sober, but you never know. I think I have a pretty decent idea, but we'll see. And I imagine the competition will be stiff to unseat me.

Regardless, I encourage all my readers to give this a try. It's a mostly harmless bit of fun. Besides, you'll be helping Dups evolve into a higher state of consciousness. Or at least I think that's what happens when you simply give up sleeping.

Last Five
1. Boston - Vampire Weekend
2. Oh! The breeches full of stiches - The Chieftains*
3. Imagine (live) - Allison Crowe
4. Bright smile - Josh Ritter
5. Handshake the gangster - Hey Rosetta!


Karin said...

Craig just get shit-faced drunk and ramble on and on. Just the fact that you're drunk would be shocking and you'd win for sure.

Dups said...

Just note.... not a toll-free number this year! But it does all get forwarded to my e-mail so errr flood my inbox people!

You know, I so need help. Mental help.

Melodie said...

I will donate $1 to your throat singing ventures! lol. "Good luck"

Wow, one time I tried imitating throat singing, and I think I failed miserably...it's HARD! (But it's SO cool!)

Seamus said...

"but I don't actually drink."

Uh, I have a credit card receipt from Rosie O'Grady's pub that suggests otherwise, wiseass.

towniebastard said...

Fine...every one in a while a good friend takes me for a drink. Thankfully I've learned not to try and match him drink for drink..