Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Costello and Sexsmith

Once again I rob from John Gushue, but I absolutely had no choice in the matter. If this isn't the song that has made me the happiest to listen to all this year, then I don't know what it is.

I keep missing Spectacle every time it comes on Bravo and I'm especially annoyed to have missed that one, as Ron Sexsmith and Neko Case are two of my favourite musicians. I certainly can't miss the two parter with Bruce Springsteen, though. That would be wrong.

But I've always loved "Everyday I write the book". It was my first introduction to Elvis Costello and it was also one of the earliest music videos I can remember seeing and liking. Hell, the video is still kind of fun, although in a different way now then when it was released, I imagine.

Last Five
1. First we take Manhattan (live) - Jill Porter
2. One look - Joel Plaskett
3. Nimrod's son - The Pixies*
4. Beautiful sorta - Ryan Adams
5. Cradlesong - Rob Thomas

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