Monday, March 29, 2010


For some reason, I have the Blue Rodeo song with that title stuck in my brain as I write. Kind of annoying, but anyway.

We're off in a few days for the vacation we didn't know was going to actually happen. We booked this trip, oh, I'm guessing last August. We booked it mostly on points and, at that time, you had to book well in advance when trying to fly out of Iqaluit on points. Especially if you were going to try and work the minor miracle of flying out around Easter, when everybody was going to be trying to get out for a break.

This was, of course, before we knew Air Canada was coming and that flying out of Iqaluit on points just got a whole lot easier. It was also when we optimistically thought I would have no problem getting that time off because I would have been working for months and months. Heh, yeah. Employment took much longer than I thought. Also, there's weirdness afoot on that I really can't talk about yet. Hopefully soon, but not right now.

However, despite being closed to having me cancel my ticket any number of times over the past few months (Cathy was always going to go), it seems barring any last minute disasters we're off to Florida in a few days. It's going to be weird. I was to Florida a few years ago, but that was more or less just killing a few days in Orlando before we went and did our real reason for hitting that weirdest of US states, to go on a cruise. The time before that would have been 1982.

This time, we're going to the Tampa area and crashing with Cathy's parents in their condo. The plan is to do...nothing. Seriously. When we went to Italy or Australia we had a ton of stuff planned. We have virtually nothing planned on this one. We've been invited to go see the Lightening play the Senators while we're there. But as A. I'm not a big hockey fan and B. Both teams are mediocre at best, I'm not sure that's going to happen. The Rays are playing the Yankees, though. That could be fun. But there's no Disney planned or Universal Studios. We might go to Busch Gardens. And I suspect there might be an outlet store or two. But other than that, nada.

But Florida is a weird state at the best of times. Plus I'm not sure I can do the sit on a beach all day and do nothing thing for days on end. I may go mad. But I guess we shall see.

Last Five
1. Let's work - Mick Jagger
2. Tell me why - The Beatles
3. Unionhouse branch (live) - Allison Krauss and Union Station
4. Backstreets - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
5. Next year - Foo Fighters


tanker belle said...

It's actually great to have nothing planned. We do a lot of "marathons" and when we went to Nice the only stuff booked was the flight and a holiday apartment. We could be lazy and just hang out on the balcony drinking and reading or we could rent a car and blast along the schedule, no alarm clock...wonderful. Enjoy it!

Morena said...

When I read the first line I thought you might trash Blue Rodeo... I'd have to stop reading if you did. lol!

Have fun on your trip.

Wm. Murphy said...

wave to the Townie who is now playing for Tampa