Sunday, March 14, 2010

Curling home stretch

Drat, Koe wins the Brier. I think I just have a natural aversion to teams from Alberta. Seriously, I don't think I've ever liked a team out of Alberta. I didn't like Pat Ryan back in the day. I loathed the Ferbey rink and feel pretty much the same way about Kevin Martin. There's just something about the way they curl that really annoys me.

Ah well, at least I don't have to worry about watching the world championships in a few weeks time. The combination of not like the Koe team (look, I know it's not rational, but there it is), the time zone difference (it's in Italy) and that Cathy's sanity is hanging on by a thread right now should do the trick. Cathy is done with curling. The fact that the next few weeks are going to be crazy busy with curling here in Iqaluit is certainly not helping matters.

So what do we have going on that will be taking up so much time? Well, we have the league play-offs which are starting this week. My team finished second, so we're in pretty good shape. I'm losing my Third, Stephanie, at the end of this season, so I'd like to send her off on a winning note.

Then next weekend (March 19 and 20) we have the Canadian North Bonspiel. I mention this one because if you live in Iqaluit you might want to think about entering it. Why? Because we have Five return plane tickets to Ottawa up for grabs. Four of the tickets are door prizes. So you can show up, play, drink lots and possibly go home with a plane ticket. Wins and losses do not matter.

The fifth ticket is actually kind of fun. It's the Frozen Foot Draw. Basically, it's closest shot to the button wins. What's the catch? Each shot costs $5, with all money going toward the Iqaluit Food Bank. Oh, and you have to put your sliding foot on the ice without a shoe or sock. Bare foot on the ice.

It's for a good cause and lots of fun. So seriously, if you're in Iqaluit and you're interested in playing, drop me a line or drop the club a line at iqaluitcurling (at) gmail (dot) com. Deadline for registering a team is 7pm on Wednesday, March 17. It's $30 per person, $40 per person if you're not a member of the club. We already have nine teams signed up and we can only take 16.

Then the last weekend of March we have the Dominion Curling Club Championship. The winner gets to represent Nunavut at the Dominion, which is held in Charlottetown in November. Barring last minute weirdness we have four men's teams and two women's teams competing. I would have liked more, but it's better than last year, and it's a start. I think because it's most of the best curlers in the club competing, it scares off some of the other, less experienced players. Pity.

Still, I'm psyched about it. I had a blast at the last one and I really, really want to go to this one. If for no other reason then perhaps I can guilt my father to taking some time out from his busy retirement to swing over and see the team play. Assuming we win, of course. The other three teams are good.

So a busy few weeks. Then again, it has to tide me over. Six long months without curling. Then again, I suspect some other members of the household will be glad for the break.

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Anonymous said...

Cathy, not that you actually complained or anything, Craig could be putting words in your mouth, but really? If your hubby is going to be obsessed with a sport, and most are, curling ... ahem... rocks.

Curling is a much shorter season than hockey, which I'll be subjected to by Hubby. And at least craig actually plays, so when he has an opinion regarding a shot or stratege, it based on his actual, current experience. As opposed to, say, his long years of street hockey when he was nine.

If craig was super involved in a mens hockey league, and watching hockey obsessivly on tv.... that's time.

And additionally, he sometimes gets cool prizes. All for the cost of club membership, an occasional bonspiel entry fee and a broom. Which he's probably had for decades? Oh, and the slidy flipflop thingie. Nice.

Wanna price out head to foot hockey gear? And skates, sticks (which get broken at an alarming rate. A cheaper carbonfiber stick goes for about $60, and go upwards into the hundreds.) constant skate sharpening, etc etc.... oh, and the fees.

The typical teenager involved in hockey, not one with any unusual skill, just playing for fun, costs upwards of $1500 plus per year. Not including travel away from home (with time off work for parents, hotels, meals and gas) for tournaments.

I'm setting my kids up to play curling instead. I loved it when Hubby used to play. It was a very social sport for the spouses too. Convenient, how there is usually a licensed resturant attached to most curling clubs!

Lol. Careful what you wish for, Cath!!

The Mommy

Shanlee said...

Koe is originally from NWT/Yukon - he just stayed in Alberta when he was done school and has been in the shadow of Martin and Ferby for 10 years. I say congrats to him and am proud of our "Albertan" team! :) I'm so glad that Howard didn't win. They get so cocky out there on the ice for all to see.


Jerome said...

NWT well represented at the Brier.

Kevin Koe is the first from the NWT to win the Brier. His brother Jamie was also there with the NWT team. Their sister has been to the Hearts tournament several times.