Thursday, March 25, 2010

Curling and movie trailers

Not much in the tank for blogging this evening. I got back a short time ago from the Thursday night curling league finals. We started off well and jumped out to a nice lead, but just couldn't hold on. It also didn't help that I played crap. We lost, which is a touch disappointing. It would like to win one of those league finals one of these years. Plus, I'm losing Stephanie, my Third, this year. Which is sad because she's a great player and, more importantly, a lot of fun to have on the team. She's going to be very hard to replace next season. I really would have liked to have sent her on a winning not. Ah well. She had fun, so that's the main thing.

So in lieu of blogging, a couple more movie trailers. I know Iron Man 2 is the comic book movie everyone is focusing on this year, but there's a trio of other ones that look interesting. There's Kick-Ass, which I think I put a trailer up for earlier. Then there's Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, which is coming out in August. The trailer for it when live today.

I must say, I thought trying to film those comics would be pretty hard, but it looks like they've nailed the general awesomeness of the comics pretty well. Whether audiences are going to get this or if it's going to be too weird for them I don't know. But this does look like fun. It's a great little series of comics, by the way, especially if you're a fan of video games as it mixes the weirdness of comics, music, video games, dating and Toronto into once package.

Scott Pilgrim is an indy book from Oni Press. Then there's The Losers, which is a DC/Vertigo book and comes out next month, I believe. It's a strange comic to be made into a movie. The series last about 30 issues and was then wrapped up essentially before it could be cancelled. But again, the movie looks fun and captures what I remember from the series. Which is to say lots of explosions.

There you go, curling, comics and movie trailers. Not a bad night's work.

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