Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Writing pain

So today was a day of writing, if not a day dedicated to blog writing. I spent more than an hour filling out online questions for a job that I'm applying for. I shan't name the people I'm applying because I might like to actually work for them after spending that much time answering their questions. Let's just say they're very thorough and made me pine a bit for the day where you mailed in your resume and cover letter and then prayed for the best. We'll see how that goes, but I suspect I'll be waiting awhile to hear back from them, if I hear anything at all, of course.

Then I started my second freelance article for the Packet about the Australia trip. The first one was painful to write. Sort of like exercising for the first time after you haven't been doing it for years. It hurts when you're doing it and it hurts worse the day after. So it was painful to write and then agonizing to edit. The second one seems marginally better and at least I have a funny story to put in there, which helps. My former editor Barb hasn't told me yet what she thinks of the first story I sent. She's not exactly one to shield a reporter from telling him or her they suck, so I'm kind of dreading her comments.

Finally, still working on the Moving to Iqaluit FAQ revisions. I've tweaked stuff on the roads, internet and cable and add new parts on day cares and pets. I'm thinking of including something on useful websites and some places online where you can buy necessary arctic apparel. Can anyone think of anything else they'd like to see added to that FAQ? I figure I'll post it on Thursday so you have until Thursday morning to let me know.

Oh, and finally, completely unrelated to anything else, but I guess I should thank Megan for putting me on the list. I'm even getting a traffic spike from it, God help me (no stalker emails yet, though) I guess I should also be grateful she used that picture and not the one of me in the wetsuit.

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Megan said...

The lists are more popular than I expected them to be. I have one more to finish; then I'll be back to prose.