Thursday, August 13, 2009

Killing time in the rain

One of the nice things about when we were in Australia was that we never had a day lost to rain. It might have been winter over there, but it was still pretty dry. I think we might have gotten a few hours worth of rain while in Sydney, but that was it. Oh, and I think it rained one night after we went to sleep in Airlie Beach. But we never woke up to pouring rain and wonder "well, now what are we going to do today?"

So, karmicly speaking, we were kind of due.

It started raining in Iqaluit yesterday afternoon and hasn't really let up since. It's varied in intensity, to be sure, but it's a steady rain. And if Environment Canada knows what it's talking about (questionable at the best of times) then it's not going to let up for several days.

There might have been things to do when it rained in Sydney. Lord knows there was no shortage of shopping in Sydney, for example, if we wanted to do something to kill the time. However, time-killing activities in Iqaluit are somewhat lacking.

We kind of need them. Cathy's still on summer vacation until the end of August and me, well, I'm getting to experience the joys of unemployment. The nice thing about Australia was that I was kind of able to avoid that reality for awhile. But not so much anymore. I've applied for my EI (although I'm still waiting for my ROE). I'm going to write the couple of freelance articles I owe the Packet about Australia and then get to work again on the book.

Oh, and I suppose I should be job hunting as well, but realistically, there will be nothing available until the end of the month. Nunavut effectively shuts down for the months of July and August. Still, I'm confident I'll have something by the end of October, barring catastrophe.

Oh, and sorry about the delay on pictures, for those waiting for that kind of thing. I use Aperture to organize and edit my photos. However, when I sent the computer off for repairs (fried motherboard, as it turns out), it erased the serial number for Aperture off my computer. No idea why, just the way it is. So I'm waiting for Apple to send me the serial number. I was hoping to have it by now, to be honest. So when I get it, check Facebook if you're friends with me. I may also restart my Flickr account, which I allowed to go dormant. We'll see.

And now, I should go and write about a 1,000 words on Cairns. Being paid to write. I think I remember how to do that....

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