Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stealing the show

It occurs to me, having just gotten home from Julie and Julia, that each year during the Oscar broadcast someone should come up on stage and say, "We notice that Meryl Streep has a movie coming out this year. We're just going to give her the Oscar nomination now, if that's all right with folks."

And honestly, who the hell would have a problem. Because everyone loves Streep and every time she's on the screen she's great and completely steals the show. Although I've noticed that in three of her recent movies she's been in - The Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia and this one, she's co-starred with younger, hot actresses and completely destroyed them. Yes, I understand the appeal of wanting to work with one of the greatest actors of this generation, but is it really worth getting out acted like that?

Anyway, Cathy loved it and I found it surprisingly fun. Actually, aside from Streep, my other favourite performance was from Stanley Tucci, who played Paul Child in the movie. I honestly don't know if it was a good job of acting as the loving and supporting husband, or if he was just having that much fun acting against the scene destroying Streep.

One of the characters in the movie, Julie, played by Amy Adams, is basically a self-absorbed blogger trying to do Child's French cook book in one year. Which is true enough, most bloggers are narcissistic. Lord knows I am. So I could kind of relate to that character. Cathy can vouch that I got a little morose when my daily numbers fell during our time in Australia.

However, it's since bounced back nicely. Although I'm noticing one odd thing. There's someone coming from Temecula, California to the blog an awful lot the last few days. And is downloading pictures from the blog, if I'm reading Statcounter right. Care to introduce yourself? Because honestly, I find it hard to believe I'm that interesting to read pretty much every single blog post of the past four years that I've written.

Finally, I forgot to mention that I had my first curling meeting of the season earlier the week. I know how much regular readers of the blog pine for curling news. We're trying to get a bit more organized for this season. So we're already preparing for the Mass Registration on September 12, planning on when we're taking back the curling rink (October 1, hopefully), when we're going to bring up a professional curling coach to help with new curlers and give tips to those who have a few years under their belts (looking like around Oct. 21) and when the season will start (last weekend of October).

It's a good feeling getting ready this early. I'm looking forward to getting back on the ice. The Dominion Club Championship is only three months away so I need to get in some practice.

If you're in Iqaluit and you're interested in giving curling a try, swing by our table at the Mass Registration at the Cadet Hall (ugh. It's going to be crowded and hot) and say hi.

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Megan said...

I'm always creeped out when someone starts to read everything I've written. I feel like they're digging for dirt.

Morena said...

I curled when I lived in NS. I was hoping we could continue when we moved north but I was told they used the curling rink here in Cape Dorset to make the pool. I'd rather have the rink. Have fun!

towniebastard said...

I'm paranoid because so many spam bots come from California and I worry that they're up to something. And I don't understand downloading the pics. It could be nothing; I do have a friend just outside San Francisco who could be reading the blog. But I do wish I knew for sure who it was.

And Morena, if you're in Iqaluit you're more than welcome to swing by the club and pick up a game. Drop me a line and let me know when you're in town and I can give you a head's up if there are any games happening.

Anonymous said...

From California
Hi Townie, I read your bog every day. Your wit and sarcasm brightens my day. I taught in Baffin the 80's but moved to California to thaw out. Cant say I miss the cold, yet I do miss the folks and the adventures. My wife and I live vicariously through the northern blogs.
Keep up the good work! Paul and Jackie.