Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting recognized

Occasionally this blog weirds me out. Writing is often a very solitary thing. As I've said before, I got my start writing for the Muse. I was so used to vast swaths of the students on campus hating the paper and everything we represented that the first I overheard someone talking about what I wrote in a positive way (it was a movie review) I near passed out. I assumed I was writing for the love of it and that no one was paying attention.

Even during my years with the Packet and the Express I often had those feelings. There were always those moments of shock when I got corrected in the "real" world. When someone at the grocery store would yell at me for a story or column I wrote that week, or when a musician or actor would thank me for something I had written about them the previous week. I got more used to it as the years went by, but that doesn't mean being recognized for my writing is any less weird.

Why mention this? A couple of things of the last few days. First, I'm noticing that an increasing number of reporters/media are following my Twitter feed, which is probably nothing, but certainly one of those things that makes me go "Hmmmmm...."

Then last night we were out at a bar hanging out with a few people watching our friend Nicole sing. This is all part of our Grand New Plan to actually go out and socialize from time to time instead of being anti-social hermits. Anyway, we're chatting when this guy I've never met before comes up, introduces himself and says "You are Mr. Townie, aren't you?" While I'm trying to recover from that, he then says "And you must be Cathy" while shaking her hand. He then asked after Boo.

So yeah, all right, weird but kind of cool. I'm occasionally recognized around town for the blog, but it's still a touch odd.

Finally, there was the weirdness for when I got home. I did a post the other day saying people should vote for Simon Lono for Councillor at Large. I confess being a bit surprised by the usual anonymous assholes who came around and slagged the idea, although I shouldn't have been.

Although I was surprised that Mark Wilson came by and thanked me for the back-handed and apathetic endorsement for his run at the mayor's chair. And really, I have nothing for that, because it really is kind of back-handed and apathetic (You don't suck as much as the other two is hardly a ringing endorsement). However, I promise once the race gets going to look at all the candidates platforms to the best of my abilities and make my picks. But the fact Mark took the time to drop a note on my blog while he's touring with the Idlers in Ontario is kind of strange to me.

However, the oddest thing by a mile is that another municipal candidate emailed me and asked for my endorsement. Seriously. And no, I'm not going to say who it is.

Look, I know how many people come and visit this blog. I'm mostly happy with the numbers but I'm under no illusions that I have a massive amount of influence with this forum. So I don't think my endorsement is really the kind of thing you can stick on a flier and convince a lot of people to vote for you. For example, I seriously doubt Simon is going to do up a pamphlet that says "Endorsed by Townie Bastard".

It's kind of strange someone would think that, but all right.

Like I said, a bit weird. It feels like I'm entering a period where things might be getting weird for a bit. Not bad weird, just "wtf" weird. We'll see...

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Michelle said...

I've been following your blog for a while now, found you through Dups. In July I was at the airport in Ottawa picking up my mom ( who was flying in from NL) and saw you. I thought...that guy looks so familiar then I realized it was Townie Bastard! I figured it would really creep you out and make me look all stalkerish if I stopped you to say that I enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

You gotta tell us who it was that asked for your support. Please, I would love to know :-)

Pat the Wench said...

When I returned to my hometown in my current position I experienced the same "WTF?" moments ... when people would come up to me in public and comment on something I was involved with at work. It's called living in a fishbowl, my friend, and while it does get easier, it never gets less weird.

Darcy Fitzpatrick said...

If it makes you feel any better, I've only just started reading your blog today.

I have to admit, I find it odd that you find the natural byproducts of being an avid blogger odd.

If you're a frequent blogger and you're on Twitter, there's a good chance the media here will follow you. They want to keep up on what's going on, and in most cases blogs are where what's going on gets discussed or even discovered.

I certainly don't find it weird when people I don't know tell me they read Signal. I actually find it encouraging that there's a person I don't know who both reads what I put out there and feels compelled to tell me about it. I'd take that over a glance at my stats page any day.

And wouldn't you expect a guy who's running for mayor to leave a comment on a blog post when his campaign gets mentioned, no matter what the context? I'd think it weird if he hadn't.

If blogging, or perhaps the consequences of blogging, weirds you out, I have to ask: why do you do it?

You say writing is often a very solitary thing, but that's only if you've no intention of anyone reading what you write. Otherwise, it's one of the most social things you can do, especially if you're doing it on a blog - official spokesmodel for the social media.

Everything you've described here, in my mind, is something to be proud of. You're having an affect on people. That's not odd, or weird. It's a fine achievement.