Friday, August 14, 2009

Only 1,400 more to go

Finally got Aperture straightened out on my computer and with that I loaded all the pictures we took during our Australian adventures. The final total - 1,400.

Dear God, but that's a lot of pictures.

I'm still going through them. Right now I'm just purging all the ones that are out of focus or badly exposed. Not to mention all the duplicates I have. Perhaps I don't need 50 photos of butterflies. Nor are the 30-40 shots of the rain forest I have really necessary. There are only so many pictures of giant trees that I need to commemorate the vacation.

I figure of the 1,400 photos, I took about 1,000, Cathy took about 390 and the remaining 10 came from photos that we bought. We bought three from the day we were snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef and a half dozen or so from when we went white water rafting. So yeah, trying to go through all those, purge, touch-up, crop and whatnot is going to take a few days at the very least.

It also brings up two other things I'm going to have to consider in the days to come. The more immediate is our internet service here. Trying to upload even a couple of hundred photos to either Facebook or Flickr has the potential to put a crimp into our internet cap. And one of the surprises we had waiting when we came back from vacation was that we blew past NorthwestTel's cap just before we left. I have no idea how we managed that, but we did. And that was when the cap was at 10 gigs. It's been cut to 5 gigs now, unless I want to pay the extra $20 a month.

We're actually looking at getting xplornet. I'm sure the speed is all that much better, but there's no cap, which is nice. However, it is more expensive than NWT. Does anybody in Nunavut use it? How do you find it?

The other issue I'm going to have to look at is the camera. I confess to not being 100 per cent happy with the Pentax K10D. This is the second vacation is a row that I've been not pleased with how its performed. Last year the camera was hopping back and forth between RAW and JPEG mode all the time whether I wanted to or not. I was still getting some of that this time. Add on to it that the monitor for the battery life doesn't work. Our last night in Sydney and we went down to the Rocks area to take some photos of the Opera House and Bridge at night. I took about 10 pics and the battery died, even though the monitor said I still had a full charge. That was deeply annoying.

Plus, the auto focus is a little glitchy. So we'll see. I've got the body, two lens and a flash. It's a bit pricey if I want to dump them all and switch over to Nikon or something, but it would be nice to have a camera I'm not grumbling over while on vacation.

Anyway, I'll hopefully have photos up some photos up next week for those who are curious. Despite my grumbling, I think we managed to get a lot of nice ones.

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cpf said...

Nikon all the way, although the lenses are gonna cost you, it may be more than you want to pay (depends on how much you have invested now). I love my D80

Way Way Up said...

1400 photos is impressive. I've come close to that number each of the last couple summers on my European forays. It's amazing how quickly the amount of photos add up. I haven't been reading your blog too much as of late but do plan to take a read through when I have more time. I'd love to visit Australia some day myself.

TomW said...

If you can moniter your cap "live", then wait until the last day of the month and upload enough to take right up to the limit.
Also, is the cap downloads *and* uploads? Normally it's downloads only.