Friday, August 28, 2009

Some surprise rock and roll next weekend

I try not to complain about customer service in Iqaluit all that much. Because I honestly don't know if it's any worse than anywhere else. Plus, as I keep telling people, you need to have a level of zen and patience in dealing with things up here. But I don't know, today I guess my patience was at a lower ebb or something. Then again, waiting 25 minutes in the post office to get served will fray most people's nerves a bit.

If they were busy and the line was long, I would understand. However, the first 10 minutes or so of waiting there was simply no one at the front desk. I assumed the counter person was in back looking for something. But then like magic he showed up, seemed startled there was all these people waiting to be served, and started helping people.

Canada Post hasn't had a good year with us so far. A couple of packages got waylaid. One large box was actually sitting in the back of the post office for weeks with traces out for it and everything until, like magic, it was found in the back of the building. We're currently waiting on a Chapters order from two weeks ago (which according to Chapters website has been in Richmond, BC since the 19th) and another that was put in the mail on August 8.

So yes, I was leaving the post office in a bit of a mood when I glanced at the bulletin board and noticed a band I know is coming to play in Iqaluit next weekend. After nearly having a stroke, I went over to DJ Sensations, where I thought they were selling the tickets.

I walked in, clearly interrupting a conversation and got a glacial "can I help you?" I asked about tickets, and was told that tickets were on sale at DJ Specialities and not at their store. The tone of voice insinuated that clearly I was an idiot for not knowing this.

Anyway, I finally got my tickets to see Hey Rosetta! at the Middle School. And for a mere $30 each. According to a guy I know who works at the store where I bought the tickets, half the Newfoundlanders in town have already bought them.

Hey Rosetta! is one of those bands that I liked, but never as much as I thought I should. I always figured the problem was that I'd never seen them perform live. Once that happened a little light switch would go off and I would suddenly "get" them. Much the same thing happened with the White Stripes.

This technically violates the "we have to be more careful with our money until I get a job", but really, we don't often get a chance to see a band we kind of like up in this part of the world. And the price is reasonable. Actually, I give props to the band. I notice on their website they're also playing Inuvik and Yellowknife in September as well. Good for them.

There's honestly no reason why more bands can't do this. Yes, tickets to Iqaluit are expensive. However, there's no way the band paid will pay full price for their tickets as Canadian North is one of the sponsors for their show. They probably paid half price. I have my complaints about northern airlines, but they do help out in situations like this. First Air was tremendous last year with the Canadian Mixed Curling Championship. So I really wish more bands would make the effort. People up here appreciate it when musicians take the time to fly to this part of the world and play and they're willing to pay a premium to see them.

Anyway, we're looking forward to it. And for people in Iqaluit who have never heard of them, give them a try. They're also up for a Polaris Award.

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Anonymous said...

Hi..I've been trying to write a comment for a few days, but due to my ineptitude with computers haven't had any luck getting it to go through. I'm Janet, I'm living in Temecula, california, and I enjoy your post...obviously. I'm from Corner Brook and it's 110 degrees here at the moment and I find myself fantasizing about very cold things. Also, you write well and that's not that easy to find. I started at the beginning of your blog after reading enough to know it would be interesting. I was right. I have no technological skills---no one's going to hurt your computer. Just like your postings----which apparently is difficult for you to believe. We share a certain sensibility. Didn't mean to "creep you out" as Megan indicated....I teach English at a junior college here; pretty harmless really. Temecula, by the way, is one hours drive north of San Diego....should you make it down there...By the way, please relay to Cathy that I think she is rather saintlike---you do buy so much stuff, you know. The consumerism is incredible...I attribute much of it to your polar location. OK, so now you know. You needn't be afraid. Just a girl from Corner Brook.

Anonymous said...

If you can, take a video or two of the Hey Rosetta! show:)