Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-day recap

Not a bad Valentine's Day, although one with a few small frustrations. Cathy got her main gift, which was a single serve coffee maker and a bean grinder. The grinder comes from a curling bonspiel last month. I was already thinking about getting the single serve coffee maker back then and thought this would be a nice thing to go along with it.

So why the single serve coffee maker? Well, I don't drink coffee. You can try your different flavours, varying amounts of sugar and milk and it still tastes like liquid burnt rubber to me. But Cathy generally likes a cup a day. So I figured rather than keep buying her cups of coffee on the way home or trying to use the our regular 10 cup coffee perk, why not get a single serve one?

Cathy likes it quite a bit. Getting up here was surprisingly a bit more challenging than I would have thought. Many places either didn't carry them or were asking just insane amounts for shipping. For example, one place wanted $68 for shipping. Which is easily double the cost of the actual thing.

The rest of the day had its "ooops" moments, though. Cathy spent the day mildly annoyed because what she ordered for me more than two weeks ago still hasn't shown up. I was mildly annoyed because I got a call at 11:30 this morning from the florist letting me know that the Gerber daisies I order about two weeks ago didn't show up so was there something else I would like instead. Which put me in a fine foul mood. I always order flowers weeks in advance so I'm not lining up waiting for an hour for my flowers and this happens.

Still, I just had to remember that I wasn't upset that my gift didn't arrive because I know Cathy tried and something are just beyond her control. Much like she wasn't upset about the lack of flowers. And once you realized that, you get over it and just enjoy the day.

And we did manage to have fun. I made supper for her this evening and we're going out to brunch tomorrow. We celebrated the spirit of the day, if not all the gift giving, flowers and chocolates. So not a bad day, if not all according to plan.

Last Five
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3. Resurrection - Robbie Robertson
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5. She's got a way - Billy Joel


Kiggavik said...

What coffee maker did you end up going with?

towniebastard said...

Ended up getting a simple Black and Decker coffee maker. It seemed the best option for Cathy's coffee habits. Not fancy, but I'm sure Cathy would agree she didn't really need a $100 single serve coffee maker.