Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blog tweaking

You may notice a few changes in the blog today. I am blatantly stealing Jen's idea of changing the blog headers every month. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep using the three walruses for the entire year, but we will see. I like the idea, it's just a matter of seeing if I can find enough interesting situations to put them in.

I've also changed the sidebar a bit. Still probably a bit too long for some, but I've killed the labels section (I never used it), killed the Feedburner section (people are going to use their readers without me putting a link to it), trimmed the number of links and moved the northern blogs closer to the top. I'm sorely tempted to kill the Newfoundland blog roll as the damn thing hasn't worked since October. Blogrolling has until the end of this month to get that working. If not, then it's gone.

Other than that, another relaxing day at the penthouse, mixed in with a bit of tidying. Cathy's resigned to being trapped here while the Super Bowl is on. She absolutely hates football and doesn't understand it. So she's glad this is the last game of the season (the Pro-Bowl doesn't count). And she'll get some enjoyment out of the commercials and the half time show. Still, I suspect she's going to disappear into the bedroom at some point with her laptop and a DVD.

I've said this before, but it bears saying again; this is one of the very few days when I do not curse on Iqaluit Cable. And that's because I get to watch the game without Global or NTV cutting over the feed. So we get to see the cool commercials. As opposed to the same 10 ads Global will show over and over again. I wonder what NTV will do now that Tom Woodford has gone bankrupt. I remember nearly losing my mind several years ago when NTV broke in over the feed and I swear to God 80 per cent of the time it was the same damn ad from Tom Woodford.

And finally, a Boo update. As you can see, he's doing pretty well for himself.

This is him, begging for treats. He can "dance" like this, by the way, for upwards of 30 seconds. It's apparently something his breed can do. Coton de Tulear's are known for doing this to entertain people.

And they're right about the dogs being expressive. Boo was lying in one of the chairs this afternoon when Cathy made a, um, very affectionate series of noises directed towards Boo. The dog looked at Cathy, rolled his head ever so slightly and looked at me. The look could best described as "Dude, seriously, you've got to do something with this woman."

So yeah, we're glad to have him back. He's doing just fine.

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jen said...

Did you ever find out what was wrong with boo?

I totally sympathize with Cathy about football. I'm currently in a house of die hard football fans. Every TV is on the super bowl, including the one in the living room that no one is watching, but I'm still not allowed to change. Thank God for my lap top!

Megan said...

The new header is excellent.

Sidebars end up getting much too cluttered. There has to be a better way.

SRD said...

what's the walrus got in his hand?

towniebastard said...

We never found out exactly what was wrong, which is a bit of a concern. It was an infection, somewhere in his digestive tract, possibly his bowels. But they don't know what caused it. On the upside, we know it responds to antibiotics, so we can at least ask our local vet for some if it reappears.

Megan, I agree about the sidebars getting too cluttered, but there really is more I would like to put there. I really am in no rush to create my own website, but perhaps if it bugs me too much I'll take a look into it this year.

SRD, it's a drum, pretty similar to a Bodhrán. There's a guy in town, Matthew Nuqingaq, who is masterful at playing it. He did a 10 minute drumming and chanting ceremony at a funeral last year and it was one of the most beautiful and moving things I've ever seen.