Thursday, February 19, 2009

News of the day

First of all, a party celebrating Newfoundland's "Have" status was always a truly brain dead idea. It felt too unbelievably pathetic to be taken seriously. "Hey, after nearly 60 years of taking money from the rest of the country in transfer payments, we finally don't have to do that this year. Let's party, waste several million dollars and rub it in the faces of the very Canadians who helped up over the years."

Yes, dead clever idea that was. Mercifully, the premier appears to be dropping the idea. Occasionally it is almost reassuring that the premier can recognize a stupid idea and change his mind.

Of course, Elizabeth Marshall remains in the backbenches while Joan Burke continues to make a clusterfuck in the Department of Education, so let's not get all giddy in the head over this.

Next, one of these men is a supernova of charisma; the other a black hole of charisma. I would go as to say he's full of anti-charisma. I'm surprised when they shook hands there wasn't an explosion or something. I can't pull the photo I want from the Star's website, but just go here and look at photo #9 of 21. Quick, just by looking at this picture, see if you can figure out which is which.

Oh, and despite all the hype, the trip to the Byward market and picking up a few things was a pretty cool little thing to do. That's going to get him more bonus points with Canadians than any agreements on boarder security and clean energy.

And this one isn't news, but it did produce an unusually strong reaction with me. I never watched the show Rock Star: INXS, but I read this story about how Canadian J.D. Fortune, who won the contest, was essentially fired from the band and is now living out of his pick-up trying to raise money for a solo album. Oh, and the band might have fired him for his heavy cocaine use.

And my first thought was, "you absolute tool." People would die for a chance like that and by the sounds of it, he completely screwed it up. Go figure, a band who lost their last lead singer because of drugs and slightly weird sexual practices weren't ready to take a chance on the new one going two for two on the bad habits.

No sympathy at all. He's a schmuck and deserves it.

Anyway, that's it for today. Tomorrow, Oscar picks, I think, even though I don't know if I'll even bother watching the show this year.

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Adam Snider said...

Robo-Harper looks almost comically uncomfortable with the fact that Canadians clearly find the leader of a foreign nation far more appealing and "worthy" than they find him.

In that picture, he almost looks a little bit jealous, like a little kid wishing he was as popular as his cool older cousin who owns the dirt bike.