Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar recap

Mixed feelings about last night's Oscar broadcast which, despite my threats that I wouldn't watch it, I did. It was a mixed night, like most of the previous Oscars. Hugh Jackman was charming enough, although the song and dance numbers did nothing for me. But hell, I appreciate them trying something different. And having five previous winners announce the nominees worked as much as it flopped. Plus, it was a massive time eater.

But there was fun stuff. Tina Fey and Steve Martin stole the show ("Do not fall in love with me," Martin admonished a star-struck looking Fey). The tribute to comedies, Kate Winslet and Sean Penn's acceptance speeches, the guy who made a coin disappear and then balance the Oscar on his chin....there were lots of nice little things.

I like to think of this as a trial run. I believe they brought in new people to run the show this year. Hopefully they'll take a look at what worked, what didn't work and make the appropriate adjustments for next year.

As for my predictions, I went 14 for 24. Which is exactly as spectacularly sucky as I would have figured considering I've not seen most of the pictures this year. But hey, I got Best Short Documentary right. So clearly I possess some skills...or at least the ability get something right when I have a one in five chance.

Last Five
1. Drum and bone - Elvis Costello and the Imposters
2. Clever, not beautiful - Hawksley Workman*
3. When you're smiling - Blue Vipers of Brooklyn
4. The battle for straight time - A.C. Newman
5. Father Lucifer (live) - Tori Amos


Jackie S. Quire said...

AGRAGH Sweet mother of god I don't know how to create a link to my post.

In other news, Anyone out there besides me think it was weird they omitted Ledger from the "We will miss you" photo montage by Queen Latifa?

Yes, we know he's dead. Yes he had already won his oscar by that point... but isn't it weird he wasn't even mentioned????

towniebastard said...

Actually, I thought it was weird as well, until I read the explination on another blog - Ledger died in Jan 2008, so he was mentioned in last year's broadcast.

The tribute isn't for all the people who died in '08, but for all the people who died since the last Oscars. A small difference, but there you go.