Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mildly incoherent points on a sick day

Day Two in the Penthouse of Plague. I've taken a rare second day sick and Cathy finally conceded defeat. She did up lesson plans for two days and hasn't done anything more strenuous than like on a couch and read a book. I've been play Civilizations, reading Mother Jones and just started watching season 2 of The Closer. This is one of these days where I might have been able to go to work, but I have the sneaking suspicion I would have been there for 15 minutes and blown through my energy reserves for the day.

So, two quick things for today. I mentioned that I have new sketch books. The one I took to New York was just a basic one I picked up from Staples before heading to the con. It was pretty standard and ugly. And there were some people walking around with nice sketch books.

So lo and behold when we were in Italy I found a nice sketch book in a flea market in Florence. It's a bit of an over-sized and, yes, a touchy gaudy. But I thought it was nice to have one for when I go to San Diego.

But here's the thing, a couple of days later we went to Venice. And when wandering around we found this absolutely amazing book maker. I'm blanking on the name of the store, but it was on the Rialto Bridge, this tiny little crook of a place. The leather books are all hand made. The lady who owns the store climbs up the ladder to the second floor (not enough room for stairs) to get more inventory.

And that's when I found this book. I really didn't need it, but it's lovely work and there's something nice about actually talking to the lady who made the book I was buying.

Probably paid too much for it, but I don't care. I'm looking forward to taking it to a con and getting it "christened" next year.

Oh yes, the second point. This story from the Telegram about Dr. Eddy Campbell giving up his job as acting president of MUN to become the actual, full-time president of the University of New Brunswick.

First of all, good for Dr. Campbell. That was a massive insult the provincial government slapped him in the face with last year. There was no way he could stay at MUN. An I'm sure he will do a spectacular and highly professional job leading UNB. And, as an added bonus, he gets to make Joan Burke look that much worse, something I'm sure he would deny, but I imagine must have crossed his mind briefly at least. Not good enough to run MUN, according the Danny Williams' government, but good enough for UNB to confirm unanimously.

Everything going on with MUN's Board of Regents and the presidential selection is an embarrassment to the province and MUN as a post-secondary institution. If there was any decency in provincial politics, somebody owes Dr. Campbell an apology before he goes. And needless to say, Joan Burke's head should roll. But I've been saying that since last summer and he head sadly, but unsurprisingly, remains attached.

Not that that will happen, of course. Because decency and honestly in provincial politics is one of those quaint little outdated concepts that only fools really believe in.

I really would like to believe in it, you know. But every single thing that's happened with MUN over the past year simply makes that impossible.

And now I'm going to go and pass out somewhere for a bit.

Last Five
1. Tangled up in blue - Bob Dylan*
2. Little digger - Liz Phair
3. The night inside me (live) - Jackson Browne
4. If I never see your face again - Maroon 5
5. It's a hard life - Queen


John Andrews said...

those sketch books are fabulous.... me and the missus are taking a short trip in march so i've been thinking about bringing a sketchbook instead of saddling myself with camera gear like the last time we went somewhere interesting. i suspect the book i get will be a little less fancy though.

towniebastard said...

We saw a lot of sketch books when we were in Italy. People were just as happy to sit down and sketch out what they were seeing rather than taking pictures.

I can't draw for shit, but there is something to be said for it.

And yeah, that second book was like 70 Euros. It's a stunning book and I love it, but I can see be unwilling to spend silly amounts of money on something like that.

Tracey said...

I like your Bob Dylan and Maroon 5 choices today.

towniebastard said...

Well, that's just the iPod in all its random glory. There's something like 6600 songs on it right now. It can produce some odd mixes.

indigo said...

The second sketchbook you bought is lovely. Before Christmas I was north of seventy doing some online shopping and scrouging around on etsy trying to find a book to put some pictures in for my son as a gift and I found this lady. Remarkably she lives in the same town as I.