Saturday, February 28, 2009

More from the House of Plague

So the aggravating thing about this particular stomach bug that I have is that it isn't killing my appetite. Normally when I come down with something like this, I'm nauseous as hell for 24-28 hours, the mere thought of food makes me sick. But not this one. Even though it knows the results of eating anything, I'm actually in a touch of physical pain because I'm so hungry.

I want food, but as soon as I eat anything, well, I'll spare you the details. But I can't hold down anything so bland as crackers and fluids. I've been trying water, 7-Up and I'm now trying Gatorade. Thankfully, regular doses of extra-strength Tylenol seems to be controlling the fever.

Hopefully the worst of this will pass by tomorrow. And at least Cathy seems to be mostly out of the woods, although she's still taking it easy, fearing another relapse.

I'm telling you, when this is all over, I'm going to the Frob and ordering a nice steak. That's about the only good thing about a stomach flu....the meal you treat yourself to afterwards.

Other than that, not much to report. Battlestar Galactica was kind of....odd. One of those episodes where I'm going, "look guys, you do realize you only have a few more shows left to wrap everything up, right?" The other thing I find interesting is that most of these episodes were likely made on the cheap, which means they're saving up their money for something. Here's hoping the last few episodes have some pretty cool action sequences.

Because yes, I do like the drama and the character interaction, but I am shallow...I do like me some pretty explosions as well.

Speaking of which, I shall away. We're going to watch Wanted this evening. Nothing like a couple of hours of pretty, mindless explosions to take your mind off your stomach trying to explode.

Last Five
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2. When you gonna flow? - Hawksley Workman
3. Checkin' up on my baby - Mick Jagger
4. This is the sea - The Waterboys
5. Take what you take - Lily Allen*


Jennith said...

The plague seems to be floating around the kivalliq - striking several folks at the teachers conference. The person I sat with on the plane and my roomate have both been hit... so I'm very wary.

dups said...

mix some warm tea with honey and lemon, it'll help.

SRD said...

Hope you both feel better. is it any consolation to know that this is basically what life is like with a toddler?