Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shatner for PM

Just in case you think this is going to be a blog where I advocate that William Shatner should become the next Prime Minister of Canada, well, you're a bit off base. There's no need for me to lobby on his behalf as the Shat has done it all by himself.

"As Prime Minister I can lead Canada into even greater exploits."

Well, it's not like he could do much worse than the current guy.

Sadly, he's ruling himself out as Governor General, which is a real pity. Shatner as GG would, in fact, be the very definition of awesome. I think world leaders would come to visit Canada more often with Shatner there as GG.

Alas, he's 77 years old now, which is a touch old to be getting elected as prime minister of Canada. But here's the thing, if he had said this even 10 years ago, I honestly wonder what might have happened. The Conservative parties in Canada were in complete disarray. If Shatner returned home and said "I want to lead you", well, they might have just jumped at the chance.

Ahhh, or maybe not. I'm just having fun with the mental image of Shatner in the House of Commons during question period. Either by...responding to...questions...in....a stilted manner, or by yelling at people in an overly dramatic fashion. You know, it would make a great TV show, when you think about it.

Please come back and lead us, Shatner. If nothing else, you'll make for a more amusing distraction as the world is falling apart than what we have in Ottawa right now.

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Kennie said...

LOL Townie! I now have visions of Shatner in the HoC going "and ... you... Igna..ti..ef. What are you... going..to...do..about the..economy?" or even better "Haper ... have you tried the 14 day All-Bran challenge yet?"

KOTN said...

We need

[giant pause]

to refer this

[giant pause]

to a committee.

The Perfect Storm said...

The Shat rules .....


If you want some pretty off the wall silliness to start your day, subscribe to his "Shatner Project" channel on Youtube. Pretty funny sometimes.