Monday, January 28, 2008

Weather warning

So, I was checking to see what the weather forecast was today and had a small shock. This is what the forecast is for the later part of the week.

Details Wednesday
30 January
Periods of snow and blowing snow. Windy. High minus 5.

Details Thursday
31 January
Snow and blowing snow. Windy. Low minus 5. High plus 1.

Now, it's apparent that we have some weather on the way. But the real thing to pay attention to is the forecast for Thursday, when they're predicting the temperature will get up to +1C.

I know some people around town are probably a bit excited by this notion for a couple of reasons. First of all, when it gets that warm at this time of the year, odds are there are a few snow days in the offering. And secondly, it's been a pretty cold winter so far. There haven't been many days warmer than -30 so far this year. So the idea of it getting that warm has its appeal.

However, and while I am hardly a seasoned veteran of the arctic, I remember what Iqaluit was like two years ago when we had a magical burst of warm weather. It was the end of February and it rained for about a day and a half. Which you might think was great until everything flash froze when the temperature plummeted (I swear to god it dropped about 30 degrees in less than three hours). It made trying to get around town without breaking your neck a challenge.

So yeah, warm weather would be nice, but I could really do without the town turning into a hockey rink for days, if not weeks. Something between -1 and -10 is plenty warm enough for me at this time of the year.

Then again, this is Environment Canada. They have an almost passable accuracy rate on predicting the weather up to about 36 hours in advance aroud here. After that, well, monkeys tossing their feces at marked spots on a wall would likely have better results.

In other words, I'll believe it when I see it.

As for the school, more drama today, but I'll refrain from saying anything until it gets officially announced.

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