Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yup, that's pretty much what I am. I didn't see the final results, but I suspect I finished third in the voting, with Darcy making a hard charge to catch me at the end. But it was pretty much a moot point, really. Kate and Jen were that far ahead the only way I was going to win was if I hacked the site and voted for myself about a hundred times.

Which kind of defeats the purpose of the contest, really.

Still, I'm glad Jen won. She has a great, fun blog with lots of photos. I'm actually fairly envious of her photo skills, really. So congrats, Jen.

As for Kate, well, look at it this way. Just think how awkward if would have been interviewing yourself for the newspaper if you had won:

Kate: So how does it feel to win the award for Best Nunavut Blogger?
Kate: Well, I'm completely surprised because there are so many great bloggers up north, but I'm really thrilled.
Kate: What are your plans now that you've won this prestigious award?
Kate: Same thing we always do when we win a prestigious award - try to take over the world!

(Sorry, was having a little Pinky and the Brain moment there.)

Also congrats to Jackie for winning best new blog. I imagine we'll be seeing her in the best blog category next year. And I hope Clare does this again next year. For all my griping, begging and whining, this was a lot of fun and I was flattered to make it finals.

And now, because I promised you all punishment for not voting for me enough....Comic Books and Curling!

We're having a blizzard (of sorts. It's a pretty wimpy blizzard so far) in town today. So everything is closed. But the timing wasn't too bad as when I went to the post office yesterday I got two new graphic novels in the mail (with about another 10 on the way. I went a little crazy with the birthday Chapters money). So I received X-Factor: Heart of Ice and The Frank Miller Daredevil Omnibus Companion. So a snow day is not a bad thing at all. Gives me a chance to curl up and read some comic books. Plus, we're getting ready to bake some chocolate chip cookies. Cookies and comics are always a good mix in my book.

As for the curling, well, you've all been spared too much talking about it, as there's been no bonspiel since November and my Thursday night team fell apart (one injury and then too much duty travel for my other players). But I had a good game sparing last night. We won 10-9 in nine ends.

Normally around here games go about six ends. However, my skip and the opposing skip are both highly competitive. So when the lead was only one after six ends, they decided to go to eight. And then it was tied after eight ends. So we had to go to a ninth. We won, which was cool, but I'm happy mainly because it was a fun game. I didn't shoot the best, but I got some tips for the skip which will hopefully make things better next time I play.

Last Five
1. My favourite things - John Coltrane
2. Cigarettes and alcohol - Oasis
3. Pastures of plenty - Alison Krauss and Union Station
4. Streets of Fire (live) - The New Pornographers*
5. Radio war - Iron & Wine


Anonymous said...

Win or lose, you're my favorite blogger!

Kate Nova said...

LOL, I'd ask tougher questions than that!