Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spam spam spam

I'm still making the list of things to see and do in New York in April. One of the things I had pretty much as a lock was to go and see Spamalot, because I'm a bit Monty Python fan. Then I read this story about Clay Aiken, who is joining the cast of the show shortly.

And what can we conclude from this brief interview?

1. He's an asshole.
2. He has no appreciation or respect for the show he's in.
3. He thinks Python is stupid.

Now, it's....all think Python is stupid. Cathy does, and while I think she's crazy, that's fine. I can deal with having a wife who doesn't appreciate the genius that is the "Dead Parrot Sketch."

But she's not going to star in a play about Python. And this idiot is.

So I have two worries about going seeing Spamalot.
1. Aiken will manage to suck so badly that he ruins the show for me.
2. Some old lady sitting next to me might throw a Depends on the stage.

Because while I would be disappointed if the play sucks because of him, I will have to get counselling if a woman in her 60s hauls down a pair of Depends and flings them towards the stage.

Anyway, thanks John for the link and the head's up.

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