Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fever dreams

I'm on Day 2 of feeling like crap. Well, Day 3 really, but Day 2 at home. I really figured I was going to go to work today when I went to bed last night. But I didn't get much sleep and what I did was deeply weird. I don't normally remember my dreams...I've never known if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but last night they were vivid on the rare occasion I managed to nod off when not coughing, sneezing or wondering why my head just didn't explode and get it over with.

And weird? Well, I didn't do much yesterday other try to do some reading, watch some TV and play a new video game - the Lego version of Star Wars: The Complete Saga. The video game is quite fun, although my brain really couldn't handle much of it yesterday. About the only other thing I spent any time on was watching the New Hampshire primary last night. So much for the Obama momentum, eh? Now we're into a dog fight.

Anyway, I managed to have fever dreams that combined the New Hampshire primary with Lego Star Wars. Don't ask me how. Don't even ask me to describe it, really, because I just can't. But it was weird enough that I couldn't sleep for more than a few minutes at a time. I ended up going out on the couch so I wouldn't wake up Cathy with my tossing and turning.

Anyway, woke up this morning, felt like crap and decided to burn another sick day. I would have been useless at work today.

Cathy didn't have a great night's sleep either, what with me flipping over every two minutes. One thing we miss about being down south, other than the warmth and shopping, was that we had real beds. I think we slept in a Queen-sized bed once. The rest of the time, including all of the cruise, we slept in King-sized beds. Now, those beds are almost too big and if we had one all the time, I think it could be weird. But considering we sleep on a little Double bed, those large beds were real luxuries.

They also had good pillows on board the cruise ship. As Cathy would say, they were "Ninja Pillows." You could buy the pillows and sheets from Carnival, but we decided not to. I think we're regretting that now. It's our first, "here's something we should have bought while we were out" moment - new pillows. The ones we have now are a couple of years old and mine felt like trying to rest my head on a brick last night.

We'll take a look around town on the weekend, but I'm not optimistic. We were looking at Sears for pillows, but they have something like five pages of them. And really, pillows are one of those things you like to try out a bit before buying.

Cathy has said I've been brain dead for the last couple of days. The cold is, of course, to blame. But if you need further proof, this blog post might be in. Fever dreams involving the New Hampshire primary and a need for good pillows. That's all I have in my brain today.

I look forward to the cold being over so I can think reasonably straight again.

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