Monday, January 14, 2008

Same old same old

Dear God I am so sick of this shit. No wonder I hardly ever write about Newfoundland related politics anymore. Aside from the fact that I've been away from the island for more than two years now, so that sort of distance makes it hard to comment intelligently. But even if I was back there now, if I had to comment every time Williams went spoiling for a fight with a prime minister I would lose my mind.

It's fucking boring. And judging by some of the reaction in the Globe's comments section, people are long past bored with this. Williams is a smart man, but I really, really wish he would find a different drum to beat and get on with governing the province instead of constantly picking fights with the feds. Jesus, I know no Newfoundland premier has ever gone wrong picking a fight with Ottawa, but how many premiers have picked this many fights? I he determined to find what the upper limit of Newfoundlanders tolerance is for this crap?

And guess what? Harper is probably right. Seven seats out of 300+ do not make a difference 95% of the time. Hard reality, but hey, that's Canadian politics. Build a bridge and movie on.

sigh No wonder I've been finding US politics much more interesting lately if this is what's happening back home.

Oh, and since I'm back taking a look at Newfoundland, Buckingham got off fucking lucky. Seven years for the shit he did. He's probably out in less than 2.5 years. Granted, he'll likely never practice medicine again, but still. Selling drugs and sexually abusing women when you were their doctor. There's a special place for people like that and I hope Buckingham spends most of the next 2.5 years there. Wanker.

Oh, and this is quite possibly the worst local news story I've read in ages. Ivan is normally a good writer, but I honestly wondered if this story also came with a free blowjob. They should use this in journalism schools as an example on how to not write puff pieces.

Apparently I'm feisty this evening. I'll try and be in a better humour tomorrow.

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3. About a girl - Nirvana
4. Blister in the sun - Violent Femmes*
5. Well Allright! - The Hives


Geoff Meeker said...

No need to apologize for being feisty. Keep on doing that thing. It is better than curling by far!

Anonymous said...

"Williams is a smart man." ?

Smarter than who? LOL

Anonymous said...

Smarter than Hollett and those other gutter snipes, that's who.

KOTN said...

I too listen to The Hives when I have aggerssion to burn off.

towniebastard said...

I've doubted Williams' intelligence, merely his wisdom.

And I've only just started to give that Hives album a whirl. I really like that song, so it's a good start.