Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sick day and awards

Stayed home sick today as my head felt like it was going explode and I felt just generally crappy. I might have tried to tough it out, but what was shaping up to be a major pain in the ass week at work magically got easier yesterday, so I can afford to stay home sick for a day, possibly two if necessary.

Oh, and we finally got the car back from the garage....again. The dead battery is repaired. The guys at the garage agreed that an eight year old battery in a Hyudnai Accent that has already died twice was pretty much a lost cause. No idea of the damages yet. They were working late because of the backlog of vehicles and didn't have time to do up a receipt yet. I'll find out what it is tomorrow.

Boo is going slowly mad. He hasn't been out in days, but with the temperatures so cold, we can't take him outside. Even with his coat and boots, it's way too cold. -53 today (schools close at -55, apparently). Tomorrow it gets up to a balmy -47 with windchill. Dear god....

On a more sunny note, I discovered after I got back that Claire has decided to create the Nunies - the Nunavut Blogging Awards. There are three categories - 1. Best Nunavut Blog 2. Best New Nunavut Blog (started in 2007) and 3. Best Blog Post.

For the record, Claire is disqualifying himself; his awards, his rules. Which is fine and I agree as far as that goes. But let's be clear, Claire would win this if he didn't exempt himself. So give him a lifetime achievement award or a Nunavut Blogging Excellence nod or something like that. Most of us wouldn't have found each other if not for the list of blogs that Claire keeps. So hats off to him.

I'm still deciding on who I'm going to submit. There are some that would be shoe-inns if they had only blogged a bit more in 2007. But I might nominate them anyway just because what they wrote was that entertaining anyway. The best post category is going to be the hard one. I think I might have to go back and dig around some of the blogs to find one. But there are a lot of good blogs with a lot of good things to say. It's going to be tough to narrow it down.

I know the award is just for fun and not to be taken too seriously, but it is nice to see the little blogging community thriving and doing well.

Last Five
1. What goes on - The Beatles
2. Monkey gone to heaven - The Pixies
3. Infatuation - Maroon 5
4. Whatever it takes - Ron Sexsmith
5. Not even jail - Interpol*

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