Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sinnotts redux

I haven't heard or read anything in Newfoundland media following up on the accusations by the Sinnotts on what happened to them in the Dominican Republic. For those just tuning in, they claimed they were threatened, harassed and forced to part with $1,000 or face time in jail after being unfairly accused of robbing a cell phone and other items. The left the resort early, came back to Newfoundland and promptly told their story to the media.

I was hoping there might be some follow-up, perhaps some witnesses from the resort might come forward and help clear up the story. Interestingly, yesterday I had two anonymous messages left on my previous post on the subject that seem to know a little bit more of what happened there.

I think, but can't be sure, that they are from the same person. It appears to be coming from the same IP, one located in Maryland. If the anonymous person actually witnessed what happened, I'd love to know more. Feel free to respond to this post or e-mail me.

They found my blog by doing a Google search for Dawn Sinnott. When I clicked on the same search I found this site, which is a message board discussing subjects relating to the Dominican Republic.

Several conclusions can be reached for reading the message board. First, that nobody appears to believe the Sinnotts' story, finding too many holes and inconsistencies. Secondly, while they try to backtrack a bit when called on it, there are a few not nice suggestions about Newfoundlanders and what we're like when we go to DR resorts. Apparently, we have a rep. Oh joy...

They are right about one thing though...I suspect we'll never know the complete story of what happened.

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