Saturday, May 19, 2007

Calvin & Hobbes

I had this lovely blog post all written up about this great Calvin and Hobbes video I had seen recently. It was a two minute student film done by some guy in Italy. I had it bookmarked for the last couple of days, but was just trying to get around to posting it.

So this evening I figured I would do just that. Only when I went to find the embedded YouTube file, it's gone. Bill Waterson filed a copyright complaint and had it pulled from YouTube. Which is completely not surprising, given how protective he's been in the past over his creation. He could have made a fortune selling Hobbes stuff animals or doing Saturday morning cartoons, but never chose to.

Still, I imagine that even with YouTube pulling it, there must be other places online where you can find it. I highly recommend it. Yes, it's in Italian, but it is subtitled. And it's brilliant. I would totally watch that sort of thing if it were to become available on a regular basis.

Anyway, consider it a small Calvin and Hobbes fix in these long dry years since he gave up doing the strip.

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