Monday, May 21, 2007

Boo at one year

So today marks Boo's first birthday. One year ago today we got the e-mail from the breeder, with a picture of our dog. I haven't written much about Boo lately because for the first little while when we got him I wrote an awful lot about him. And while there wasn't a backlash, there was the distinct feeling that people would likely prefer if I shut up about the dog for a bit (much like curling).

For those new to the blog, Boo is a Coton de Tulear, which sounds unbelievably pompous when you tell random strangers what kind of dog he is. We've just shortened it to "He's a Coton." We got him for many reasons, but two of the main selling points for the breed is that he's small (Boo is around 12 pounds) and hypo-allergenic. Which is good, as Cathy is allergic to pet dander.

He's Cathy's dog, and I've always maintained that, much like Max was my cat. And she loves him like crazy. Boo certainly never lacks for love and he's probably one spoiled little dog. I've always been a big dog person myself, but I have to admit he's great company to have around. And Cathy picks on him instead of me when she gets bored, for which I owe the dog a debt of gratitude that can never really be repaid.

So what quirks does he have at one year? Well, he dances on his back legs, which is a touch odd. I think I timed him at 20 seconds once. He freaks out over the new vacuum. He chats with you, not so much with barks, but with a bunch of odd little noises. He's well behaved for the most part, although a touch more vocal than I would like. Then again, I'm spoiled from my father's golden retriever, quite simply the quietest dog I've ever been around.

He's a good boy and I know his "grandparents" are looking forward to having him around the summer when Cathy takes him back to Newfoundland.

And now, a few pictures of Boo from one year ago and today, with a few days in-between. Warning, the following section is probably too insanely cute for words.

Newly born.

About six weeks old.

Shortly after he got him, about 12 weeks old. The shoe is a size 9, for a comparison.

Out on the land with Cathy.

Last December, out for a walk in his coat.

End of January this year with his new hair cut.

Back in March.

He's not always cute, here's the drowned rat look after he gets a bath.

Earlier today. Notice the cat-like habit of getting on top of furniture.

Boo ready for his close up.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a big dog lover( cat lover though) but I have to say he's absolutely adorable!

colette said...

Cotons apparently are cat-like so the furniture thing is not surprising.
I'll have to be introduced to my god-doggy this summer. Such a sweet little puppy! (Dear Boo: take a chomp out of some of TB's graphic novels--there's a good dog.)

Mrs. Smith said...

There's a 5-year-old down here who now wants a "Boo". Very cute.

Kara and Matt said...

You are right, the dog is too cute for words!!

jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to Boo!

aida said...

cute dog! we have been thinking about getting a dog, we are not allergic to pet dander but want something that dont shed as much. yours sounds like a good idea.

Way Way Up said...

Having grown up with small dogs in the house I found that their mountain climbing abilities never cease to impress.