Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Music notes

On the off-chance anyone from Iqaluit is reading the blog and doesn't already know the news, The White Stripes tickets are going on sale in town on Friday morning at 10 a.m. You can get them at DJ Sensations, Raven Rock and the Arctic Winter Games Complex. Also, as of this morning at least, you could still get advance tickets through the White Stripes website. I noticed today the tickets were charged to my Visa, so I'm assuming it works and I'll get the call to pick up our tickets soon.

The other tidbit of White Stripes news that I find amusing is this interview with Jack White where he admits there is little chance this tour will make any money for the band, they just want to do it. He's also apparently fascinated with the word "Yukon."

Once again, good on him. They didn't even want to play Toronto or any of the major centres, but decided to add a couple to just to pay the bills. It's fascinatingly eccentric and I have to admit my respect and admiration for the band for doing something like this has gone up a notch.

On an unrelated musical note, I finally found a music video I liked the other day. I appreciate this might not seem like a big deal, but I' m trying to remember the last time I saw one that I thought was cool or interesting.

Music videos have taken a real hit in the last few years. Part of it is, I'm sure, that I'm older and that the music played on Much Music is not designed to entertain people of my age (God help me for having typed that last sentence). And we don't get Much More Music on cable up here, so I'm not subjected to the more "adult" videos out there.

Which is kind of depressing. I grew up watching music videos. Up until a couple of years ago I still rather quite liked watching them. But with music video stations actually playing fewer of them (MTV is practically a joke in the US) it's kind of hard for me to understand why some musicians might spend millions on them. There was a time if you didn't do a video for a song, you might as well forget selling any records. I imagine it's much easier these days for musicians to get away without producing a flashy, expensive video if they don't want to.

Having said all that, I found the video below by Snow Patrol for the song "Signal Fire"...well, there is no other word for it...adorable. I like Snow Patrol any way, and this is the first song for the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack, so I was going to give it a whirl regardless. But this is a hell of a charming music video.

I've suggested to Cathy she should stage something like this at her school. She declined. Apparently they frown on hanging kids from wires.


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Anonymous said...

Okay, yeah, that is one of the better videos I've seen in a long while...