Thursday, May 17, 2007

The blog post of the beast

1. This marks the 666th post on my blog. And in honour of this special occasion, I thought I would look and find something evil to post on the blog. I guess the post I did on Jerry Falwell might have been more appropriate, especially given some of the reaction on his passing, but what’s done is done.

So this is what I got. The bastards canned Veronica Mars. Once again, I bow to the superior wisdom of American network programmers. A pox on every new program the CW introduces in the fall.

Then again, from what I’ve read in stories about the up-fronts, plague-ridden might nicely sum up most of the programming this fall. There’s very, very little that is grabbing my attention.

And I would say a moment’s silence for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but no one really cares. Rarely has a show had so many people desperately want to like it, but were unable to find much redeeming about it.

2. Let’s see what else I’ve got. Ummm, tickets have still not gone on sale for the White Stripes in Iqaluit, which is leading to some frustration. The main hold ups appear to be the promoters not getting the permits straightened out and whether or not there will be alcohol served at the event. I’ve already got confirmation that I’m getting tickets, so I’m not quite so freaked out about this as others are in town. Although I suppose the show could be cancelled if things don’t get worked out. It would be idiotic, but for some reason it wouldn’t surprise me all that much.

And to be fair, the show should be all ages. The majority of the band’s fans are probably under-19 and how often are they going to get to an event like this up here. Hell, it ought to be an open air event rather than sticking it in the confines of the Arctic Winter Games complex and its dubious acoustics. But what do I know…

3. Hey, there could be hope for me yet. And who cares if the hair is without pigmentation. That’s also happening to me already.

4. Next up, some Newfoundland stuff. Somebody needs to hang over this. You know, there have been things as a matter of policy that I have disagreed with when it comes to the Williams government. And that’s fine. Time will tell who is going to end up being right.

But this is reprehensible. Swag-gate and the racket with constituency allowances is small stuff compared to this. And I suspect it’s only going to get worse.

5. So Harvey Hodder did the expected and announced today he is not running in the next provincial election. Meanwhile Steve Kent’s Facebook page is inviting people to a very special event at the Hotel Mount Pearl at 11 a.m. on Friday. Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen...

Although there is one thing I do find interesting. Part of Waterford Valley is in St. John’s. After so nicely slagging the capital city over the annexing issue, will that hurt him in that area?

Probably not. I suspect the Tories could run dead animals in most of the St. John’s/Mount Pearl districts and still win. Oddly, that would still make them more useful than most of the current sitting MHAs.

6. This incident makes me antsy. Folks, you’ve got to beat them in the court of public opinion. You’ve got to out-argue them and defend your point of view. Saying the debate is over and comparing it to racism and discrimination is missing the point. Enough people believe that abortion is wrong that you still have to be out there convincing people that a woman’s right to choose is important.

You may never convince all of them, but trying to stifle the debate is the wrong way of going about it. Trying to browbeat the CBC and others who you disagree with strikes me as a very dangerous, and negative thing to do. Especially for a pro-choice organization.

7. And, to end on a positive note, I got my camera back today and it appears to be working. It took about five weeks to get it back after being sent away for repairs. Not too bad, I guess. And now the weather is finally warm enough to use it without worrying about it freezing solid.

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