Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dinner and yoga

We have company this weekend. A pair of teachers from Rankin Inlet - Wendy and Angela - are in town to do yoga...there's an instructor up from down south conducting a workshop this weekend. And they asked if they could crash here. I know Wendy as she and her husband Jeremy went to our wedding. Since we're always glad for the company, we said sure. Granted, it's a challenge trying to fit four people and a very hyper-active little dog into an apartment this size, but I can always count on Cathy to defy the laws of physics and find more space when I'm sure there isn't anymore to be found.

I think the plan this evening is to out for a few drinks and some food. When you arrive in the "big city" from Iqaluit, clearly drinks, a sampling of the finer restaurants in town, and possibly a movie is required. This isn't sarcasm, by the way. If you've spend month and months in a community of only a couple of thousand people, or less, then when you get out then you really do need to get out and do a few things.

Myself and Cathy have already made a list of restaurants we need to hit when we're in St. John's. Zapatas, Magic Wok, Giovannis and Taj Mahal are the nicer ones. I suspect Swiss Chalet and Wendy's will also be needed to satisfy certain cravings. I throw it out to the masses - what are your recommendations for restaurants in town right now. The caveat is that if their menu is primarily seafood, we can't do it as Cathy is allergic. I know there are supposedly some nice sushi places in town, but they're a no go. We will probably need to try a few new places, especially since our beloved Duck Street Bistro is no more. We only have a limited time in town. These things need to be thought out carefully.


J Consortium said... make Rankin Inlet seem so boring. ;) I think of Rankin as a bustling metropolis compared to everywhere else in Nunavut (except Iqaluit of course).

Mireille Sampson said...

Is the gypsy tea room still going? I'm hoping so - I had plans to eat there again! Great food.

Anonymous said...

Try Aqua or Blue on Water. The Casbah is hit or miss but when it's on it's great.

colette said...

Basho! Oh my gentle God, the next time I'm back in town, I will be camping out in the place. And second the recommendation for Blue on Water. Bring $$$ for both but the food is excellent, the menus are inventive and the service is top notch.

Mireille--Gypsy Tea Room is still there and the food is still good. Butternut squash soup with homemade sourdough crouton and goat cheese.....yum.

And I hear you on the town of several thousands spiel. I just took an overnight trip to Corner Brook so I could have a decent meal. Thirteen West--excellent meal, as always.

Anonymous said...

Giovanni's = Giovanni Cabot's right? GREAT choice!!

Taste of Thai is great, go for lunch if you are looking to spend less than $20 each, for supper if you don't mind dropping around $40 each - minus drinks and dessert.

The Sprout is tasty and cheap - and even heavy meat eaters are impressed with the vegetarian menu. Also, they have the best house coffee.

The Bamboo Garden (located in the original Duck Street Bistro) is homemade Chinese food, although they have recently also begun serving 'Canadian Chinese food' too. The decor leaves something to be desired (don't get me started) but the menu is diverse and cheap. And the portions are big.

Not well known (read: you can dine in private most times, during the winter especially) is the Bloomin' Teapot, located in the Botanical Gardens building. Great food and cheap to boot. Also a wide tea selection, if you're into tea.

If Cathy isn't DEATHLY allergic to seafood (can she be in the same room as it?) Sun Sushi does have a pretty decent selection of non-fish/non-sushi menu items: curry rice bowls, noodle bowls, fried chicken, veggie tempura, salad and dumplings.

I'm sure you know of the oldie but goodie International Flavours. If you are at the far end of Duckworth (near George St.) and don't want to trek to Signal Hill for your I.F. fix, go to the Afghan Restaurant. It's basically the same food - not as nice atmosphere but definitely has it's own charm.

Those are my recommendations, hope you have a tasty trip home. Oh, and thanks for your comments on my site.

Shelley at

towniebastard said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Shelley. Cathy can be in the same room as seafood, although sometimes it can be uncomfortable if there is a lot around.

Oh, and thanks for "outing" yourself on my blog...;)

Oh, and Colette, are you home for Christmas? If so, we really ought to do lunch.

colette said...

I'm in town for a week and a half or so. I want to see my god-dog! The last time I saw meat that cost about $200.00 a pound, it was on the plate in front of me in a hotel in Abu Dhabi. (Damn fine steak it was too.)