Sunday, November 05, 2006


I'm sitting in a comfy chair in the bedroom with my feet up as I write this, watching the sun set in a nice blaze of orange over snow covered arctic hills. It's quite a nice view, I must say. One of the times I'm glad we moved from the 6-story, so we could get views like this.

Of course, it would be nicer if there wasn't at least 15 telephone and power wires obscuring the view. One of the reasons why there's no photo. The lines do take away something from it. Oh, and the tide is out, so there isn't a nice ocean between me and the hills, but rather muddy flats. Plus, it's a little after 3 p.m. and the sun is going down. Best not to dwell on that.

sigh I really do know how to suck the enjoyment out of a nice scene without even trying. It's a gift.

Cathy's out right now walking Boo in the remaining daylight. We find it's easier to deal with him in the evenings if he's had a walk first to take some of the good out of him. I'm not out with them as I am arthritic cripple today. You wouldn't think curling could take that much of the good out of you, but if it's been awhile, the muscles you normally use can usually express their displeasure.

Curling also didn't end the way I had hoped. You know, you figure with a 6-2 lead and only two ends left to play you could win a game like that. Nope. Lost 8-6. Just a touch frustrating. But on the upside I think I finally learned to curl again this weekend. I also didn't win one of the two plane tickets that were up for grabs. But it was still a bit of fun, even though my muscles are disagreeing with me right now.

And now I should wrap this up and try and finish my word count for today. I'm happy with the way I'm doing. I'm doing a bit better than my word count each day, sort of a cushion should I miss a day or something. I have no idea if anyone is reading or not, but I'm relatively happy with the way it is going. I have it plotted out for the next couple of points. Still completely certain about the climax, but I have a couple of weeks to get that figured out.

More importantly, it actually feels like I can make it. Cocky thinking for a guy on Day 5, but it feels like I'm into a routine. I was tired last night, but I stayed up to make sure I got at least 2,000 words in before going to bed.

It doesn't mean I think it's going to get published or anything. It would be a miracle if that happened. But with a little luck I can give my friend Anne a very late Christmas gift...the book I promised her five years ago.

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