Thursday, November 30, 2006

"By the pricking of my thumbs...

Ah my coven. You know, I'm sure there are several women that could make up the three in a coven but Colette, Mireille and OM would be a pretty solid three. They also nicely sum up the disaster that was my dating/sex life in between 1994-2001 in the most recent comments section.

Here are three intelligent, fun, attractive women. During that period of time we were all close friends. Two of them were single during that time. Yet, there was zero chance of anything happening. There are any number of reasons why that was probably so, but those comments probably sum it up as well as anything.

The mere thought of me writing a sex scene fills them with massive "Heebie jeebies." So the actual act would probably be enough to send them off to a nunnery scrubbing floors or something. That's the case now, and I suspect it's not a sudden, new discovery on their part. I imagine it's been around for, oh, 10 years of so.

So that was me in the 90s. Yes, I'm an introvert (despite what you might think on the blog) so that makes meeting people a challenge. And yes, I've always sucked at dating. And I'm sure the three of them will chip in that people would be hard pressed to find someone more oblivious to the interests of members of the opposite sex than me.

But there was just something about their reaction that just made me flash back to that particularly horrific period in my life. And the fact that if I actually do keep writing, I'm going to write a sex scene sooner or later. Probably not this time, but sooner or later. Best to brace yourself for the mental possibility.

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Debbie said...

Hey there, just want to say I can somewhat relate. I've been playing around with a little story and things started heating up and well ya know there simply needed to be some sex to carry the story along. I was intimidated in writing it and even more intimidated by allowing someone to read it.

Having said all that, I just let the characters do what felt right for each of them at that point in the story and tried to detach any of my opinions or experiences from it. I also tried to show what each person was feeling and doing cause ya know, one sided sex is well, boreing.

Anyway, hope this helps. Good Luck with it, turn your brain off and just write.